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Acronym Sense Language Topics
ARS Air Rescue Service In English
ARS Air Revitalization System In English
ARS ALS Release System In English
ARS American Rocket Society In English Organizations and associations
Aeronautics, aircraft
United States
ARS Atmosphere/Atmospheric Revitalization (Sub)system In English
ARS Attitude Reference System In English Astronautics
ArS Archives des Sciences In French Environmental science
Mathematics and natural sciences
ARS Allocation de Rentrée Scolaire In French Social welfare
ARS Association Roussillon-Solidarité In French Associations
ARS Atelier de Recherche en Sociologie In French Sociology
ARS Autonomna Regionalna Stranka In Croatian Political parties and movements
ARS Agreement relating to Refugee Seamen In English International law
ARS Action Request System In English Applied sciences, technology
ARS Agricultural Research Service In English Agricultural sciences
ARS Airline Reservation System In English Software
Transport by air

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