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Acronym Sense Language Topics
CCS Center for Chinese Studies In English Language, linguistics, literature
Geography, biography, history
CCS Central Computer and Sequencer In English Computer science
CCS Central Control Section In English
CCS Central Control Station In English
CCS Command and Communication System In English Telecommunications
CCS Complex Control Set In English
CCS Computer Core Segment In English Computer hardware
CCS Console Communication System In English Telecommunications
CCS Contamination Control System In English
CCS Contract Control System In English Contract law
CCS Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage In English
CCS Competence Center Suderburg In English
CCS Cargo Community System In French Transport and postal services
CCS Comité Consultatif Scientifique In French Organizations and associations
Mathematics and natural sciences
CCS Centre de Coût de Structure In French Accounting
CCS Çavuşoğlu Çanta Sanayi In Turkish

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