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Acronym Sense Language Topics
EAC Euro-Asia Centre In English Area studies
EAC East Asia Council In English Organizations and associations
EAC European Accreditation of Certification In English Quality management
EAC East African Community (www.eac.int)
= CAO | Comunidad Africana Oriental | In Spanish
= CAE | Comunidad de África del Este | In Spanish
In English International relations
EAC Early Analysis Capability In English
EAC Employee Action Circle In English
EAC Energy-Absorbing Capacity In English
EAC Estimate At Completion In English
EAC Experiment Apparatus Container In English
EAC Experimental Apparatus Canister In English
EAC European Aminocarboxylates Committee In English Organizations and associations
Pharmacology, toxicology
EAC Emergency Action Console In English Computer hardware
EAC Essais À Chaud In French Nuclear technology

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