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Acronym Sense Language Topics
ICG Institute for Career Guidance In English Labour, labour economics
ICG In-Flight Coverall Garment In English Aeronautics, aircraft
ICG Inter-universitair Centrum voor Geo-ecologisch Onderzoek (www.science.uva.nl/ibed/icg/) In Dutch Research institutes
Higher education, universities
Earth sciences
ICG International Crisis Group (www.crisisgroup.org) In English Organizations and associations
ICG Institut Charles Gerhardt (www.icgm.fr) In French Research institutes
ICG Intérêts Communaux Gesvois In French Political parties and movements
ICG International Committee on GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) In English Organizations and associations
ICG Intermediate Capital Group (www.icgplc.com) In English Finance
ICG International Cinematographers Guild (www.cameraguild.com) In English Organizations and associations
Cinema, movies
ICG International College for Girls In English Education
ICG International Communications Group (www.icg.aero) In English Telecommunications
ICG Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision In English Research institutes
Computer-based techniques
ICG Information Content Management Group In English United Nations
International economic cooperation

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