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Acronym Sense Language Topics
MS Membro-Subtenanto In Esperanto Organizations and associations
MS Multiple Sclerosis In English Neurology
MS Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke In Danish
MS Mediaeval Studies In English Serial publications, periodicals
MS Ministerul Sănătăţii In Romanian Central administration
Public health and hygiene
MS Missionaries of Charity In English Roman catholic church
MS Machine Screw In English Mechanical engineering
MS Mechanical System In English Mechanical engineering
MS Mass Spectrometer In English Chromatography, mass spectrography
MS Master Switch In English
MS Material Specification In English Maintenance and logistics
Materials science
MS Mating Sequence and Control In English
MS Mobile Station In English Telecommunications
MS Ministerstwo Sprawiedliwości (www.ms.gov.pl) In Polish Central administration
Law, jurisprudence
MS Međimurska Stranka In Croatian Political parties and movements

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