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Acronym Sense Language Topics
PAM Programme Alimentaire Mondial
= PMA | Programa Mundial d'Alimentos | In Asturian
= WFP | World Food Programme | In English
= WFP | 세계 식량 계획 | In Korean
= WFP | მსოფლიო სასურსათო საბჭო | In Georgian
= WFP | 国際連合世界食糧計画 | In Japanese
= PAM | Programma Alimentare Mondiale | In Italian
= PMA | Programa Mundial de Alimentos | In Spanish
In French United Nations
Agricultural sciences
PAM Payload Assist Module In English Astronautics
PAM Propulsion Avionics Module In English Aeronautics, aircraft
PAM Pulse Amplifier Modulation In English
PAM Pulse Amplitude Modulation In English
PAM Port Autonome de Marseille (www.marseille-port.fr) In French Transport and postal services
PAM Psychological Association of Manitoba In English Associations
PAM Programma Alimentare Mondiale
= PMA, WFP (look above)
In Italian United Nations
Agricultural sciences
PAM Plan d'Action pour la Méditerranée In French
PAM Point Accepted Mutation In English Genetics
Biochemistry, biophysics

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