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Acronym Sense Language Topics
PL Partit Laburista (http://http://partitlaburista.org/)
= MLP | Malta Labour Party | In English
In Maltese Socialist parties
PL Programmation Linéaire In French Mathematics
PL Papierfabrik Louisenthal (https://www.louisenthal.com) In German Organizations and associations
Paper and board industry
PL Parting Line In English Metallurgy
Plastic industry
PL Payload In English Astronautics
PL Postlanding In English Aeronautics, aircraft
PL Power Level In English Energy economics
Electrical engineering
PL Prelaunch In English Astronautics
PL Private Line In English Telecommunications
PL Propellant Loading In English Astronautics
PL Public Law In English Law, jurisprudence
PL Ponction Lombaire In French Diagnostics

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