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Acronym Sense Language Topics
APO Automated Purchase Order In English
CGA Conditions Générales d'Achat In French
CPO Conditional Purchase Offer In English
DP Delayed Procurement In English
EOPR Engineering Order Purchase Request In English Engineering, technology
EOPR Engineering Order Purchase Requisition In English Engineering, technology
EPR Engineering Purchase Request In English Engineering, technology
MIPR Military Intergovernmental Purchase Request In English Military engineering
MPR Mockup Purchase Request In English
NAEB National Association of Educational Buyers In English Associations
NAEP National Association of Educational Procurement (www.naepnet.org) In English Associations
ORA Opérateur Régional des Achats In French
ORANO Opérateur Régional d'Achats Nord-Ouest In French
PO Purchase Order In English
POC Purchase Order Closeout In English
POCN Purchase Order Change Notice In English
POR Purchase Order Request In English
PQA Procurement Quality Assurance In English Quality management
PQC 0056, Procurement Quality Control In English
PQE Procurement Quality Engineering In English Quality management
PR Purchase Request In English
PR Procurement Regulation In English
PRD Procurement Regulation Directive In English
PRD Procurement Requirements Document In English
PSPL Priced Spare Parts List In English Maintenance and logistics

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