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Acronym Sense Language Topics
ACC Adaptive Cruise Control In English Vehicle engineering
ACC Advanced Carbon-Carbon In English
ACC Aft Cargo Compartment In English
ACC Automatic Control Console In English
ACC Auxiliary Crew Compartment In English
ACC Acceding and Candidate Countries In English International relations
AcC Acta Cosmologica In Latin Serial publications, periodicals
ACC Automatic Cruise Control In English Vehicle engineering
Transport and postal services
ACC Action et Communication Commerciales In French Economics
Specialized or (poly)technical colleges
ACC Association sur les cavernomes cérébraux In French Associations
ACC Administrative Committee on Coordination
= CAC | Comité Administrativo de Coordinación | In Spanish
= CAC | Comité Administratif de Coordination | In French
= CAC | Comitê Administrativo de Coordenação | In Portuguese
In English United Nations
ACC Architecture Comptable Cible In French Accounting

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