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Acronym Sense Language Topics
APD Area Passive Dosimeter In English Radioactivity
APD Avalanche Photodiode In English Electronics
APD Aide Publique au Développement In French Development
APD Avant-Projet Détaillé In French Management
APD Autorisation Préalable de Dépenses In French Accounting
APD Avant-Projet Définitif In French Management
APD Association des Directeurs de Production In French Associations
Cinema, movies
APD African Pollen Database In English Paleobotany, palynology
APD Army Publishing Directorate (www.apd.army.mil) In English Graphic industries, printing, publishing
Military affairs
United States
APD Albuquerque Police Department (www.apdonline.com) In English Police
United States
APD Association pour le Progrès des Dirigeants In French Associations
APD Air Products and Chemicals In French Chemicals
APD Automotive Parts Distribution (www.apd.co.uk) In English Trade
Automobile manufacturing
United Kingdom
APD Atlanta Police Department (www.atlantapd.org) In English Police
United States
APD Alpha Phi Delta (www.apd.org) In English Organizations and associations
APD Appel de Préparation à la Défense In French Military affairs
APD Agency for Persons with Disabilities In English Pathology
APD Apprentissage des Pratiques Documentaires In French Education
APD Advanced PHP Debugger In English Software
Programming languages
APD Asteroid Polarimetric Database In English Databases
Interplanetary medium
APD Astéroïde Potentiellement Dangereux In French Interplanetary medium
Accidents, risks, safety

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