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Acronym Sense Language Topics
AAE Army Acquisition Executive In English
ABMCP Airborne Military Command Post In English Aeronautics, aircraft
ACCP (The) Army Correspondence Course Program (www.atsc.army.mil/accp/) In English Education
ACF Army Cadet Force (www.armycadets.com) In English Organizations and associations
ACIOC Army Customer Order Control In English
ACM Affaires Civilo-Militaires In French
ACS Army Communication System In English Telecommunications
ACTEDS Army Civilian Training, Education And Development System In English Education
AD Active Duty In English
ADEA Army Development and Employment Agency In English
ADT Active Duty Training In English Education
AEC Army Evaluation Center In English
AERB Army Education Requirements Board In English Education
AFAD Armed Forces Acquisition Document In English
AFD Army Functional Dictionary In English Dictionaries
United States
AFH Army Family Housing In English Accommodation
AFHPSP Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program In English Education
AFIS American Forces Information Services In English
AFNA Aozadur Feur-emglev Norzh-Atlantel (www.nato.int)
= OTAN | Organització del Tractat de l'Atlàntic Nord | In Catalan
= NATO | North Atlantic Treaty Organisation | In English
= OTAN | Organizazión d'o Tratau de l'Atlantico Norte | In Aragonese
= OTAN | Organización del Tratáu del Atlánticu Norte | In Asturian
= OTAN | Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord | In French
= ন্যাটো | উত্তর আটলান্টিক নিরাপত্তা জোট | In Bengali
= NATO | Οργανισμός Βορειοατλαντικού Συμφώνου | In Greek
= NATO | Nordatlantikvertrag-Organisation | In German
= OTAN | Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte | In Spanish
= NATO | Nord-Atlantika Traktat-Organizo | In Esperanto
= NAFO | Noard-Atlantyske Ferdrachsorganisaasje | In Frisian
= OTAN | Organización do Tratado do Atlántico Norte | In Galician
= ნატო | ჩრდილოატლანტიკური თანამშრომლობის ორგანიზაცია | In Georgian
= OTAN | Organização do Tratado do Atlântico Norte | In Portuguese
= OTNA | Organizaciya le Tratatosko le Nordutne Atlantikosko | In Vlax Romani
= OTAN | Organizaţia Tratatului Atlanticului de Nord | In Romanian
= NATO | Organisatschoon vun den Noordatlantikverdrag | In Low German
= NAVO | Noord-Atlantische Verdragsorganisatie | In Dutch
In Breton International relations
AFRC Armed Forces Recreation Center In English
AFRC Armed Forces Reserve Center In English
AFRRI Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (www.afrri.usuhs.mil) In English Research institutes
Biological sciences
AFRTS American Forces Radio and Television Service In English Telecommunications
AFS Air Force Standard In English Standardization
Military engineering
Aeronautics, aircraft
United States
AFS Air Force Station In English Aeronautics, aircraft
United States
AGR Active Duty Guard/Reserve In English
AIA Association Internationale Antimilitariste In French Political parties and movements
AIAD Advanced Individual Academic Development In English Education
AIAT Association Internationale Antimilitariste des Travailleurs In French Political parties and movements
AIF Army Industrial Fund In English
AIFAS Army Industrial Fund Analytical Study In English
AIVD Algemene Inlichtingen en Veiligheids Dienst (www.aivd.nl) In Dutch Netherlands
ALAT Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre In French
AMEDD Army Medical Department In English Medicine
AMGOT Allied Military Government for Occupied Territories In English History
AMHA Army Management Headquarters Activities In English Management
AMOD Army Mobility, Opportunity and Development In English
AMS Army Management Structure In English Management
AMSC Advanced Military Space Flight Capability In English Aeronautics, aircraft
AMSCO Army Management Structure Code In English
AMSF Army Maintenance Supply Facilities In English Maintenance and logistics
AMSF Army Morale Support Fund In English
AMTU Army Marksmanship Training Unit In English Education
ANC Army Nurse Corps In English Medicine
ANC Army National Cemetery In English
ANIP Alternate National Command Center Improvement Program In English
ANMCC Alternate National Military Command Center In English
ANOC Advanced Non-Commissioned Officers Course In English Education
APA Army Procurement Appropriations In English
APD Army Publishing Directorate (www.apd.army.mil) In English Graphic industries, printing, publishing
United States
APD Appel de Préparation à la Défense In French
APLS Armée Populaire de Libération du Soudan
= SPLA | Sudan People's Liberation Army | In English
= ELPS | Ejército de Liberación del Pueblo de Sudán | In Spanish
= SLOA | Súdánská lidově osvobozenecká armáda | In Czech
In French Political parties and movements
APO Army Post Office In English Transport and postal services
AR Army Regulation In English
ARCOM Army Reserve Command In English
ARI Army Research Institute In English Research institutes
ARIEM Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine In English Research institutes
ARL Army Research Laboratory In English Research institutes
ARLA Armée Révolutionnaire de Libération de l'Azawad In French Political parties and movements
ARNG Army National Guard In English
ARTEP Army Training and Evaluation Program In English Education
ARTTC Army Reserve Technician Training Center In English Education
ASARC Army Systems Acquisition Review Council In English Military engineering
ASD Army Shipping Document In English Maintenance and logistics
ASED Assistant Secretary of Defense In English Central administration
ASF Army Stock Fund In English Maintenance and logistics
ASFP Army Senior Fellows Program In English
ASIMS Army Standard Information Management System In English Knowledge management
ASTIA Armed Services Technical Information Agency In English
ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Testing In English
ATCAP Army Telecommunications Automation Program In English Telecommunications
ATCOM Aviation and Troop Command In English
ATEC Army Test and Evaluation Command In English
ATF Advanced Tactical Fighter In English
ATLP Army Training Literature Program In English Education
AWL Absent Without Leave In English
AWOL Absent WithOut Leave In English
AWOL Absent Without Official Leave In English
BAQ Basic Allowance For Quarters In English
BAS Basic Allowance For Subsistence In English
BASM Bombe à sous-munition In French
BCA Bataillon de Chasseurs Alpins In French
BCRAM Bureau Central de Renseignement et d'Action Militaire In French
BCT Basic Combat Training In English Education
BEQ Bachelor Enlisted Quarters In English
BIA Bureau International Antimilitariste In French Political parties and movements
BKT Blackstone Army Air Field In English Transport by air
BM Battle Management In English
BMD Ballistic Missile Defense In English Military engineering
BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Organization In English Organizations and associations
BMPM Bataillon des Marins-Pompiers de Marseille (www.marinspompiersdemarseille.com) In French Firefighting
BMS Battle Management Simulation In English
BOBC Branch Officers Basic Course In English
BOQ Bachelor Officers Quarters In English
BRDC Belvoir Research and Development Center In English Research institutes
BTD Battalion Training Days In English Education
BVE Batallón Vasco Español In Spanish Organizations and associations
C3 Command and Control Communications In English Telecommunications
C3R Commandement, Conduite, Communications et Renseignement In French
CAA Concepts Analysis Agency In English
CAMP-USA Council on America's Military Past-USA In English Organizations and associations
CAS3 Combined Arms and Service Staff School In English Specialized or polytechnical colleges
CATRADA Combined Arms Training Development Activity In English Education
Military engineering
CDC Collins Defense Communications In English Networks, communication
CDCD Collins Defense Communications Division In English Telecommunications
CDEC Combat Development Experimentation Command In English Military engineering
CDI Center for Defense Information (www.cdi.org) In English Research institutes
CEC Civil Engineering Corps In English Civil engineering
CED Communauté Européenne de Défense
= EDC | European Defence Community | In English
= EVG | Europäische Verteidigungsgemeinschaft | In German
= CED | Comunità Europea di Difesa | In Italian
= EDG | Europese Defensie Gemeenschap | In Dutch
= EWO | Europejska Wspólnota Obronna | In Polish
= CED | Comunidade Europeia de Defesa | In Portuguese
In French European Union
CED Comunità Europea di Difesa
= EDC, EVG, EDG, EWO (look above)
In Italian European Union
CED Comunidade Europeia de Defesa
= EDC, EVG, EDG, EWO (look above)
In Portuguese European Union
CEDOCAR Centre de Documentation de l'Armement (www.cedocar.defense.gouv.fr) In French Documentation
CENTAG Central Army Group In English
CENTO Central Treaty Organization In English International relations
CEOA Central European Operating Agency In English
CETIMA Centre de Traitement de l’Information Médicale des Armées In French Data processing
CFAC Conferencia de las Fuerzas Armadas Centroamericanas
= CFAC | Conférence des Forces Armées Centraméricaines | In French
= CFAC | Conferência das Forças Armadas da América Central | In Portuguese
In Portuguese International relations
CFAC Conférence des Forces Armées Centraméricaines
= (look above)
In French International relations
CFAC Conferência das Forças Armadas da América Central
= (look above)
In Portuguese International relations
CFCU Cours des Futurs Commandants d'Unités In French Education
CFTM Conversion To Full-Time Military In English
CGA Contrôle Général des Armées In French
CGE Compagnie de Guerre Électronique In French Computer science
CGSC Command and General Staff College In English
CHAMPUS Civilian Health And Medical Program of the Uniformed Services In English Medicine
CID Collège Interarmées de Défense In French
CINC Commander In Chief In English
CINCEUR Commander In Chief, Europe In English
CINCNORAD Commander-In-Chief, North American Aerospace In English Aeronautics, aircraft
CINCPAC Commander In Chief, Pacific In English
CIRAT Centre d'Information et de Recrutement de l'Armée de Terre In French Labour, labour economics
CISM Conseil International du Sport Militaire In French Organizations and associations
Sport, physical exercises
CJFLCC Coalition Joint Forces Land Component Command In English
CLAM Comité de Lutte Anti-Militariste In French Political parties and movements
CM Commander's Manual In English
CMHS Chinese Military History Society In English Organizations and associations
CMT Critical Military Target In English
CNIC Commander Navy Installations Command In English
CNR Conseil National du Renseignement In French
CO Commissioned Officer In English
COA Comptroller Of The Army In English
COFRAS Compagnie Française d'Assistance Spécialisée In French Military engineering
COMAC Comité d'Action Militaire In French
COPS Comité politique et de sécurité In French Politics
CPCO Centre de Planification et de Conduite des Opérations In French
CSA Corps Storage Area In English
CSEM Cours Supérieur d'État-Major In French Education
CSIA Centre de Soutien Informatique des Armées In French Computer science
CSNU Commandement Spatial des Nations Unis In French United Nations
CST Combat Support Training In English Education
CTSA Centre de Transfusion Sanguine des Armées In French Blood and circulatory system
DAB Defense Acquisition Board In English
DABM Defense Against Ballistic Missiles In English Military engineering
DACCS Department of Army Command and Control System In English
DACP Defence Acquisition Change Programme In English
DAI Director of Army Instruction In English
DAO Defense Accounting Office In English Accounting
DAR Defense Acquisition Regulation In English
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency In English
DBMS Defense Business Management System In English Management
DBOF Defense Business Operations Fund In English Finance
DCA Defense Communications Agency In English Telecommunications
DCA Defense Communication Agency In English Telecommunications
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency In English Military engineering
DCAS Defense Contract Administration Services In English Contract law
DCAS Defense Contract Administration Service In English
DCASMA Defense Contract Administration Services Management Area In English Contract law
DCASR Defense Contract Administration Services Region In English Contract law
DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal In English
DCS Defense Communications System In English Telecommunications
DCTN Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network In English Telecommunications
DDC Defense Documentation Center In English Documentation
Military engineering
DDN Defense Data Network In English Networks, communication
DDSC Direction de la Défense et de la Sécurité Civile In French
DDTE Director, Defense Test and Evaluation In English
DECA Defense Commissary Agency In English
DECCO Defense Commercial Communication Office In English Military engineering
DefEl Defense Electronics In English Serial publications, periodicals
Military engineering
DERA Defense Environment Restoration Account In English 5023
DeScE Defense Science Electronics In English Serial publications, periodicals
Military engineering
DFA Defence Families of Australia (www.dfa.org.au) In English Organizations and associations
DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service In English Finance
DFRIF Defense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet In English Transport and postal services
DGA Délégation Générale pour l'Armement (www.defense.gouv.fr/dga/) In French Military engineering
DHP Defense Health Program In English Medicine
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency (www.dia.mil) In English
DID Defense In Depth In English Computer science
DII Defense Industry Initiative In English Industry, industrial policy
Military engineering
DIPEC Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center In English Industry, industrial policy
DIPR Department Industrial Plant Reserve In English Industry, industrial policy
DIS Defense Investigative Service In English
DIS Defense Industrial Security In English Military engineering
DIS Defense Information Service In English Newspapers, journalism
DISCO Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office In English Military engineering
DISO Defense Information Services Organization In English Knowledge management
DJMS Defense Joint Military Pay System In English Personnel management
DLA Defense Logistics Agency (www.dla.mil) In English Maintenance and logistics
DLO Defense Logistics Organization In English Maintenance and logistics
DLSC Defense Logistics Service Center In English Maintenance and logistics
DMA Defense Mapping Agency In English
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