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Acronym Sense Language Topics
AMS Accelerator Mass Spectrometry/Spectrometer In English Chromatography, mass spectrography
AMS Acoustic Measurement System In English Acoustics
Acoustical engineering
AMS Actuation Mechanism Subsystem In English
AMS Aeronautical Material Specification In English Aeronautics, aircraft
AMS Amplifier Subsystem In English
AMS Attached Manipulator System In English
AMS Automated Material System In English
AMS Automated Measurement System In English
AMS Arbeitsmarktservice In German Labour, labour economics
AMS Autocommutateur Téléphonique Multiservices In French Telecommunications
AMS Australian Mammal Society (www.australianmammals.org.au) In English Organizations and associations
Biological sciences
AMS American Meteorological Society (www.ametsoc.org) In English Organizations and associations
Meteorology, climatology
United States
AMS Army Management Structure In English Management
Military affairs
AMS Air Missile System In English Military engineering
AMS Agent de Maîtrise Sécurité In French Accidents, risks, safety
AMS Avis de Mise en Service In French
AMS Alan Michael Sugar In many languages Computer hardware

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