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Acronym Sense Language Topics
BP Bletchley Park (www.bletchleypark.org.uk) In English United Kingdom
BP Back Pressure In English
BP Buttock Plane In English Mechanical engineering
Vehicle engineering
BP Band-Pass In English
BP Barber Pole In English
BP Base Plate In English
BP Blood Pressure In English Blood and circulatory system
BP Blueprint In English Engineering, technology
Graphic industries, printing, publishing
BP Boilerplate In English
BP Boiling Point In English
BP Brevet Professionnel In French Education
BP British Petroleum (www.bp.com) In English Mining
Transport and postal services
BP Banque Populaire (www.banquepopulaire.fr) In French Banks
BP Bande Passante In French
BP Before Present In English Prehistory
BP Boîte Postale In French Transport and postal services

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