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Acronym Sense Language Topics
CAS Center for Asian Studies In English Language, linguistics, literature
Geography, biography, history
CAS Chemical Abstract Service (www.cas.org) In English Chemistry
Chemical technology
CAS Calibrated Airspeed In English
CAS CITE Augmentation System In English
CAS Command Augmentation System In English
CAS Computer Airspeed In English
CAS Configuration Accounting System In English Accounting
CAS Cooperative Application Satellite In English Astronautics
CAS Cost Accounting Standard In English Accounting
CAS Crew Accommodation System In English
CAS Centre d'Analyse Stratégique In French Public administration, government
CAS Cambridge Astrophysics Series In English Serial publications, periodicals
United Kingdom
CAS Content Addressed Storage In English Computer hardware
Knowledge management
CAS Common Access System In English Computer science
CAS Caisse d'Activités Sociales In French Social welfare
CAS Comité d'Action Socialiste In French Socialist parties
CAS Conjonctivite Allergique Saisonnière In French Pathology
Immunology and allergy
CAS College of Arts and Sciences In English Education
Applied sciences, technology
CAS Computer Aided Selling In English Software
CAS Channel Associated Signaling In English Telecommunications

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