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Acronym Sense Language Topics
AACPSM Actual Average Cost Per Successful Mission In English
ABC Activity Based Costing In English Accounting
ACR Actual Cost Report In English
ACRS Accelerated Cost Recovery System In English
ACWP Actual Cost for Work Performed In English
AMCM Advanced Missions Cost Model In English
AOC Annual Operating Cost In English
ATPCO Airline Tariff Publishing Company In English Transport by air
AUC Average Unit Cost In English
BCWP Budget Costs for Work Performed In English
BCWS Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled In English
BINGO Business and Industry Non-Governmental Organisation In English Organizations and associations
BNWT Brand New With Tags In English Trade
BNWT Brand New Without Tags In English Trade
BPU Bordereau de Prix Unitaire In French
CA Cost Account In English
CAA Cost Account Authorization In English
CAB Cost Audit Board In English
CAM Cost Account Manager In English
CAMV Coût d'Achat des Marchandises Vendues In French
CAO Cost Administration Office In English
CAP Cost Account Package In English Accounting
CAP Cost Account Plan In English
CAS Cost Accounting Standard In English Accounting
CASB Cost Accounting Standards Board In English Organizations and associations
CASR Cost And Schedule Reporting In English
CC Cost Center In English
CCP Cost Control Program In English
CDSR Cost Data Summary Report In English
CE Cost Element In English
CEM Cost Estimating Method In English
CER Cost Estimating Relationship In English
CERC Centre d'Études des Revenus et des Coûts In French Research institutes
Labour, labour economics
CIF Cost, Insurance, Freight In English Maintenance and logistics
CLRB Cost Limit Review Board In English
COBA Cost Benefit Analysis In French
COCOMO Constructive Cost Model In English
COF Cost Of Facilities In English
COGS Cost Of Goods Sold In English
COLA Cost-Of-Living Adjustment In English
COSPAC Cost/Schedule Planning And Control In English
COUGAR Coût des OUvrages GAziers de Réseau In French Energy economics
CPA Cost Per Action In English 659
CPAF Cost Plus Award Fee In English
CPF Cost Per Flight In English Aeronautics, aircraft
CPFF Cost Plus Fixed Fee In English
CPIF Cost Plus Incentive Fee In English
CPM Cost and Performance Measurement In English
CPR Cost Performance Report In English
CRAS Cost Reduction Alternative Study In English
CRC Cost Reduction Curve In English
CRD Cost Reporting Document In English
CSCB Contractor's Summary Cost Breakdown In English
CSF Cost Sensitivity Factor In English
CTA Charge Tarifaire d'Acheminement In French
CTP Conseil Tarifaire Personnalisé In French
CTS Conseil Tarifaire Simplifié In French
CUIT Coût Unitaire des Interventions Techniques In French Accounting
CURE Coût Unitaire de Réalisation des travaux de réseaux Electricité In French Electrical engineering
CURG Coût Unitaire de Réalisation des travaux de réseaux Gaz In French Energy economics
DCP Development Cost Plan In English
DMC Direct Maintenance Cost In English Maintenance and logistics
DOC Direct Operating Cost In English
DPGF Décomposition du Prix Global et Forfaitaire In French Civil engineering
DQE Détail Estimatif et Quantitatif In French
DTLCC Design To Life Cycle Cost In English
ECI Employment Cost Index In English Labour, labour economics
EDCAS Equipment Designer's Cost Analysis System In English
ETC Estimated Cost to Complete In English
FCA Functional Cost Account In English Accounting
FCCP Firm Contract Cost Proposal In English Contract law
FCP Firm Cost Proposal In English
FFP Firm Fixed Price In English
FFP Firmed Fixed Price In English
FPC Fixed-Price Contractor In English Contract law
FQBB Fare Quote Best Buy In English
GUITARES GUIde de la TArification du RÉSidentiel In French Energy economics
HCDB Historical Cost Data Base In English
HT Hors Taxes In French Taxes, duties
IC Incremental Cost In English
ICA Indirect Cost Accounting In English Accounting
ICM Integrated Cost Module In English
ICMS Indirect Cost Management System In English
ICR Indirect Cost Recovery In English
IO Industrial Operations In English 33854
IOC Indirect Operating Cost In English
IPTS Indicateur de Prix des Travaux Souterrains In French Civil engineering
LC Launch Cost In English Astronautics
LCC Life Cycle Cost In English
LSCA Logistics Support Cost Analysis In English Maintenance and logistics
MAC Marginal Abatement Cost In English
MCE Manpower and Cost Estimate In English Labour, labour economics
MCPS Major Cost Proposal System In English
MESSOC Model Evaluation of Space Station Operations Cost In English Astronautics
MPC Material Procurement Cost In English Maintenance and logistics
MR Majoration Résidentielle In French Energy economics
MTDC Modified Total Direct Cost In English
NRC Nonrecurring Costs In English
OMSP Open Market Selling Price In English
OP Ordre de Paiement In French Accounting
P&E Pricing and Estimating In English
PAFG Participation Aux Frais Généraux In French
PCP Project Cost Plan In English Management
PCRS Performance and Cost Report System In English
PCTO Payload Cost Tradeoff Optimization In English Astronautics
PHI Prix Horaire d'Immobilisation In French Accounting
PNAG Pôle National d'Achats Généraux In French
POH Prix d'Ordre Horaire In French
PR Prix de Revient In French
PRK Prix de Revient Kilométrique In French Automobile manufacturing
PU Prix Unitaire In French
PUMA Prix Unitaire Moyen des ouvrages gAz In French Energy economics
PUMP Prix Unitaire Moyen Pondéré In French
PVLA Purchase Versus Lease Analysis In English 33745
PWS Pricing Work Statement In English
QCD Qualité, Coûts, Délais In French Quality management
RC Recurring Cost In English
RRR Rabais, Remise, Ristourne In French Accounting
SDCP Summary Development Cost Plan In English
SPC Shipping and Packing Cost In English Maintenance and logistics
SSCM Space Station Cost Model In English Astronautics
STCP Short-Term Cost Plan In English
TAC Total Average Cost In English
TARTAM TArif Réglementé Transitoire d'Ajustement du Marché In French Energy economics
TC Target Costing In English
TCM Target Cost per Mission In English
TCO Total Cost of Ownership In English
TER Travel Expense Report In English
TPH Table des Prix Horaires In French Accounting
TPN Tarif de Première Nécessité In French
TSS Tarif Spécial de Solidarité In French Energy economics
VAN Valeur Actuelle Nette In English Accounting
WICOMO Wang Institute Cost Model In English
YSC Yearly Spares Cost In English

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