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Acronym Sense Language Topics
CRC China Research Centre In English Research institutes
Research policy
CRC Contractor-Recommended Code In English
CRC Cost Reduction Curve In English Prices
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check In English Data
Networks, communication
CRC Centre de Régulation de la Circulation In French Transport and postal services
CRC Chambre Régionale des Comptes In French Regional administration
Public finance
CRC Curso de Representação Comercial In Portuguese Education
CRC Centre de Relation Client In French Trade
CRC Cytology Research Centre In English Research institutes
CRC Convention on the Rights of the Child
= CDE | Convention relative aux Droits de l'Enfant | In French
In English Human rights
CRC Committee on the Rights of the Child In English International law
Fundamental rights
CRC Comité de la Réglementation Comptable In French Standardization
CRC Centre de Recherches et d'Étude des Chefs d'entreprises In French Specialized or polytechnical colleges

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