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Acronym Sense Language Topics
CIS Community Innovation Survey In English Engineering, technology
CIS Common Implementation Strategy In English
CIS Certification & Information Security Services GmbH In English
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
= PNM | Persemakmuran Negara-Negara Merdeka | In Indonesian
In English International relations
CIS Cargo Integration Schedule In English
CIS Central Integration Site In English
CIS Change Impact Summary In English
CIS Communication Interface System In English Human-computer interaction
CIS Contractor's Information Submittal In English Contract law
CIS Centre d'Information sur la Surdité In French Documentation
CIS Commissione Italiana di Stratigrafia In Italian Organizations and associations
Earth sciences
CIS Contact Image Sensor In English Electronics
CIS Centrum für Informations- und Sprachverarbeitung (www.cis.uni-muenchen.de) In German Research institutes
Computer-based techniques

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