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Acronym Sense Language Topics
CPC Coût Par Clic In French Advertising
CPC Cargo Processing Contract In English
CPC Central Planning Center In English
CPC Characteristic Properties Code In English
CPC Computer Program Component In English Computer programs
CPC Control Pressure Conditioner In English
CPC Combinatorics, Probability and Computing In English Serial publications, periodicals
Computer science
CPC Comisión Parlamentaria Conjunta
= CPC | Commission Parlementaire Conjointe | In French
= CPC | Comissão Parlamentar Comum | In Portuguese
In Spanish Parliaments, representation
CPC Commission Parlementaire Conjointe
= (look above)
In French Parliaments, representation
CPC Comissão Parlamentar Comum
= (look above)
In Portuguese Parliaments, representation
CPC Canadian Pork Council (www.cpc-ccp.com)
= CCP | Conseil Canadien du Porc | In French
In English Organizations and associations
Agricultural sciences
Food technology
CPC Climate Prediction Center (www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov) In English Research institutes
Meteorology, climatology
CPC Centre de Perfectionnement Commercial In French Trade
CPC Chipcard Personalisation Center In English Electronics
CPC Collaborative Product Commerce In English Trade

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