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Acronym Sense Language Topics
A&A Advertise and Award In English
AFA Advertising Federation of Australia (www.afa.org.au) In English Organizations and associations
ASPP Association des Sociétés Suisses de Publicité (www.vsw-assp.ch)
= VSW | Verband Schweizerischer Werbegesellschaften | In German
= ASSP | Associazione delle Società Svizzere di Pubblicità | In Italian
In French Associations
ASSP Anti-Spam-SMTP-Proxy In English Networks, communication
ASSP Associazione delle Società Svizzere di Pubblicità (www.vsw-assp.ch)
= ASPP, VSW (look above)
In Italian Associations
BVP Bureau de Vérification de la Publicité In French
CESP Centre d'études des supports de publicité In French
CPC Coût Par Clic In French
CPM Coût Pour Mille affichages In French
DDL Date de Dernière Lecture In French Newspapers, journalism
EIAA European Interactive Advertising Association (www.eiaa.net) In English Associations
Networks, communication
EPPREP École de Presse, de Publicité et de Relations Publiques In French Specialized or polytechnical colleges
Newspapers, journalism
Public relations
FAC Fichier des Acteurs de la Communication In French Public relations
FUD Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt In English
GAIN Gator Advertising and Information Network In English
IREP Institut de Recherches et d'Études Publicitaires In French
MMA Mobile Marketing Association (www.mmaglobal.com) In English Associations
ODE Occasion d'Entendre In French
ODV Occasion De Voir In French
OJD Office de Justification de la Diffusion des Supports de Publicité In French
SMO Social Media Optimization In English
SRI Syndicat des Régies Internet (www.sri-france.org) In French Organizations and associations
UBF Unique Brand Factory (www.ubf.com.tr) In English
VSW Verband Schweizerischer Werbegesellschaften (www.vsw-assp.ch)
= ASPP, ASSP (look above)
In German Associations

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