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Acronym Sense Language Topics
A2S Amazon Associates Web Service In English Software
AADW American Association of Dental Webmasters In English Associations
United States
ADIASC Association pour le Développement d'un Internet Associatif Solidaire et Citoyen In French Associations
ADIPH Association pour le Développement de l'Internet en Pharmacie Hospitalière (http://adiph.org) In French Associations
Pharmacology, toxicology
ADSL Association des Surfeurs Lésés In French Associations
AFA Association des Fournisseurs d'Accès In French Associations
AFI Association Fête de l'Internet In French Associations
AFIM Association Française de l'Internet Mobile In French Associations
AFNIC Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (www.afnic.fr) In French Associations
AIT Association des Internautes Territoriaux In French Associations
AIT Advanced Internet Technologies In English
ALADIN Amis de Linux & Amis du Développement sur INternet In French Organizations and associations
Operating systems
AMI Amazon Machine Image In English Software
AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages In English Telecommunications
ANET Austrian Network for eTourism (www.anet-network.at) In English Organizations and associations
ANIS Association Nord Internet Solidaire In French Associations
APC Alternative PHP Cache In English
API-PL Association pour la Promotion d'Internet pour les Professions Libérales In French Associations
APINC Association Pour la Promotion et la défense de l'Internet Non Commercial In French Associations
APPEI Association des Professionnels pour la Promotion de l'Emploi sur Internet (www.appei.net) In French Associations
Labour, labour economics
APRONET Association des Professionnels Internet et Webmestres Territoriaux In French Associations
APTI Association pour les Professionnels de la Télévision sur Internet In French Associations
ASFG Ask The Fucking Google In English
AT2I Assistance Téléphonie Informatique Internet sur Grenoble (www.groupe-at2i.com) In French Telecommunications
ATILLA Association des Technologies Internet et du Logiciel Libre ou Alternatif In French Associations
AUI Asociación Española de Usuarios de Internet In Spanish Associations
AWF A Web Factory In English
B2I Brevet Informatique et Internet In French Education
Computer science
BAN Body Area Network In English Medicine
BeIA Be's Internet Appliance In English Software
BGP Border Gateway Protocol In English
BHO Browser Helper Object In English Software
BIC Business Internet Consortium In English Organizations and associations
BIND Berkeley Internet Name Daemon In English Software
BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain In English Software
CEDIA Consorcio Ecuatoriano para el Desarrollo de Internet Avanzado In Spanish Organizations and associations
CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing In English
CIFS Common Internet File System In English Files
CISMeF Catalogage et Indexation des Sites Médicaux Francophones (www.chu-rouen.fr/cismef/) In French Libraries
COPS Common Open Policy Service In English
CSS Cascading Style Sheet In English Document processing
CSTIT Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology In English Software
CUDI Corporación Universitaria para el Desarrollo de Internet In Spanish Computer science
DAWIN Développement d'Applications Web et Images Numériques In French Higher education, universities
Image processing
DAWIN Développeur en Applications Web et Innovation Numérique In French Specialized or polytechnical colleges
DEUA Disabled Ebay Users Association In English Associations
DIME Direct Internet Message Encapsulation In English
DNA Distributed interNet Architecture In English
DUI Délégation aux Usages de l'Internet In French Central administration
DVWA Damn Vulnerable Web App In English Software
DWVS Dynamic Website Verification System In English Software
EBS Amazon Elastic Block Store In English Hardware
EC2 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud In English Hardware
ECS Amazon E-Commerce Service In English Software
FAI Fournisseur d'Accès à Internet In French Telecommunications
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface In English
FDN French Data Network In English Telecommunications
FF2I Fédération Française de l'Internet Immobilier (www.ff2i.org) In French Organizations and associations
FING Fondation pour l'Internet Nouvelle Génération In French Foundations
FING Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération (www.fing.org) In French Foundations
FPS Amazon Flexible Payments Service In English Software
FTW From The Wilderness In English Newspapers, journalism
FURL File Uniform Resource Locators In English
GFC Google Friends Connect In English
HITS Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search In English Computer-based techniques
HRI Human Rights Internet (www.hri.ca) In English Human rights
Fundamental rights
HTML HyperText Markup Language In English Programming languages
Document processing
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol In English
HyP3 Hybrid Pluggable Processing Pipeline In English Software
I3C Internet Créatif, Coopératif et Citoyen In French
IAF Internet Access Facilities In English Telecommunications
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (www.icann.org) In English Organizations and associations
ICC Internet Chess Club (www.chessclub.com) In English Organizations and associations
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol In English
ICRA Internet Content Rating Association In English Associations
ICRA Association de Classification du Contenu de l'Internet In French Libraries
ICS Internet Connection Sharing In English Software
IE Internet Explorer In English Software
IE Internet Explorer In French Software
IEDR Ireland's Domain Registry (www.domainregistry.ie) In English Telecommunications
Republic of Ireland
IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group In English Organizations and associations
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force (www.ietf.org) In English Organizations and associations
IGAAC Internet Guide for Asian American Cybernauts In English United States
IGCS Internet Guide for China Studies In English Area studies
IGF Internet Governance Forum In English Organizations and associations
IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol In English Telecommunications
IIOP Internet Inter Orb Protocol In English Software
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
= IMAP | Interim Mail Access Protocol | In English
= IMAP | Interactive Message Access Protocol | In English
In English
IMAP Interim Mail Access Protocol
= (look above)
In English
IMAP Interactive Message Access Protocol
= (look above)
In English
IMAP4 Internet Message Access Protocol In English
İNETD İnternet Teknolojileri Derneği (www.inetd.org.tr) In Turkish Associations
INFRAWEBS Intelligent Framework for Generating Open (Adaptable) Development Platforms for Web - Service Enabled Applications In English Software
IP Internet Protocol In English
IPA Internet Privatstiftung Austria In German Foundations
IPEA Internet Positionning European Association In English Associations
IPF Internet pour la France In French Organizations and associations
IPM Internet et Pédagogie Médicale In French Education
IPPS Internet Programming and Promotion Service In English Software
IRAS Internet Review Arno Schmidt In English Serial publications, periodicals
IRC Internet Relay Chat In English Software
IRIS Imaginons un Réseau Internet Solidaire In French Organizations and associations
ISH Information Superhighway In English
ISOC Internet Society In English Organizations and associations
ISP Internet Service Provider In English Telecommunications
ISPF Internet Service Providers' Forum In English Organizations and associations
İvHP İnternet ve Hukuk Platformu In Turkish
LCIE Loosely Coupled Internet Explorer In English Software
LII Librarians' Internet Index (http://lii.org) In English Libraries
LPIC Ligue de Protection des Internautes Câblés In French Organizations and associations
MARSOUIN Môle Armoricain de Recherche sur la SOciété de l'Information et les Usages d 'Internet (www.marsouin.org) In French Telecommunications
MBS/IP Multi-purpose Business Security over Internet Protocol In English
MIAM Mathématiques Internet Aix Marseille In French Mathematics
MIAU Multiple Internet Agents for User-adaptive Decision In English Telecommunications
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions In English
MINC Multilingual Internet Names Consortium In English
MMVK Multi-Mode Virtual Kiosk In English Software
MOOAAL The Mother Of All Acronym Lists In English Encyclopaedias, reference works
MWI Mobile Web Initiative (www.w3.org/Mobile/) In English Telecommunications
NSI NASA Science Internet In English Astronautics
United States
NSPR Netscape Portable Runtime In English Software
OASIS Objets Actifs, Sémantique, Internet et Sécurité In French Software
OSPF Open Shortest Path First In English
ÖWA Österreichische Webanalyse (www.oewa.at) In German Organizations and associations
PACLIDO Protocoles et Algorithmes Cryptographiques Légers pour l’Internet Des Objets In French Networks, communication
PAIR Portal to Asian Internet Resources In English Libraries
PAPI Point d'Accès Public à Internet In French
PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection In English
PING Packet Internet Gopher In English
PIP Pew Internet & American Life Project (www.pewinternet.org) In English
POWDER Protocol for Web Description Resources In English Software
PSWWWVL Pacific Studies WWW Virtual Library In English Libraries
Area studies
QIS Qualcomm Internet Services In English
RENIA Red Nicaragüense de Internet Avanzada In Spanish Computer science
RIA Rich Internet Application In English Software
RIAP Rural Internet Access Point In English
S3 Amazon Simple Storage Service In English Hardware
SARAI South Asia Resource Access on the Internet In English Libraries
Area studies
SCTP Stream Control Transmission Protocol In English
SCWS Smart Card Web Server In English Electronics
SEMA Search Engine Marketing Association In French Associations
SEMPO Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization In English Organizations and associations
SEO Search Engine Optimization In English 659
SERPs Search Engine Ranking Pages In English Computer-based techniques
SES Amazon Simple Email Service In English Software
SGC Server Gated Cryptography In English Mathematics
SIFR Scalable Inman Flash Replacement In English Software
SIO System Internetowy Olimpiady In Polish
SIOgim System Internetowy Olimpiady Gimnazjalistów In Polish Computer science
SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol In English
SMIG Southern Minnesota Internet Group (www.smig.net) In English Organizations and associations
United States
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol In English
SOPE Skyrix Object Publishing Environment (http://sope.opengroupware.org) In English Software
SPIP Système de Publication pour l'Internet In French Software
SQS Amazon Simple Queue Service In English Software
SRI Syndicat des Régies Internet (www.sri-france.org) In French Organizations and associations
sTN Stichting Telecom- en internetgebruikers Nederland In Dutch Foundations
SWAD Semantic Web Advanced Development In English Computer-based techniques
SWD Semantic Web Deployment In English Linguistics
SWD Solliès Web Design In English
SWSW Semantic Web Services Week In English Computer-based techniques
TCP Transmission Control Protocol In English
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol In English
TDA Tetrault Design Associates In English
TID Tüm İnternet Derneği (www.tid.org.tr) In Turkish Associations
TIPHON Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks In English Telecommunications
TISPAN Telecoms & Internet converged Services & Protocols for Advanced Networks In English Telecommunications
TLO Top-Level Organization In English Organizations and associations
TTT Tut-Tera Teksaĵo
= WWW | World Wide Web | In English
In Esperanto
UDP/IP User datagram protocol/Internet Protocol In English
UMVF Université Médicale Virtuelle Francophone (www.umvf.prd.fr) In French Higher education, universities
VEB Virtuala Esperanto-Biblioteko In Esperanto Libraries
Artificial languages (linguistics)
WACM Web Application Configuration Manager In English
WAE Web Application Extension In English Software
WAFC Web Application Firewall Criteria In English
WAI Web Accessibility Initiative In English Telecommunications
WAM Web Application Manager In English Software
WAM Web Access Management In English Management
WASP Web Analytics Solution Profiler In English Software
WASP Web Application Structure for PHP 5 In English Software
WBAN Wireless Body Area Network In English Medicine
WBI Web Browser Intelligence In English Software
WBS Word Based Search (www.wbs.org) In English Linguistics
WCCP Web Cache Control Protocol In English
WCM Web Content Management In English Document processing
Knowledge management
WDVL Web Developer's Virtual Library (www.wdvl.com) In English Software
WHATWG Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (www.whatwg.org) In English Organizations and associations
WIM WAP Identification Module In English Telecommunications
WIM WAP Identity Module In English Telecommunications
WML Wireless Markup Language In English Software
WML Website Meta Language In English Software
WMLS Wireless Markup Language Script In English Computer science
WMS Web Management System In English Software
WOS Web Operating System In English Operating systems
WPAD Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol In English
WSDL Web Services Description Language In English
WSP Web Standard Project In English
WSRP Web Services for Remote Portlets In English
WSVM Web Site Verification Mechanism In English
WWW World Wide Web
= TTT (look above)
In English
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