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Acronym Sense Language Topics
TDA Trunnion Drive Axis In English
TDA Télédiffusion d'Algérie (www.tda.dz) In French Telecommunications
TDA Trouble Déficitaire de l'Attention In French Neurology
TDA Toullec Dancoing Associés In French Software
TDA Technique Design Acoustique In French Acoustical engineering
TDA Thailand Diving Association In English Associations
Sport, physical exercises
TDA Tetrault Design Associates In English Internet
TDA Trade Development Alliance In English Trade
TDA Texas Department of Agriculture In English Regional administration
Agricultural sciences
United States
TDA Tax-Deferred Account In English
TDA TAUS Data Association In English Associations
Computer-based techniques
TDA Transportation Development Act In English Transport and postal services
TDA Transition Data Analysis In English Software

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