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Acronym Sense Language Topics
ABCF As-Built Configuration File In English
ACF Application Configuration File In English Software
AIFF Audio Interchange File Format In English Computer-based techniques
APIF Automated Process Information File In English
ASFP askSam File Pointer In English Software
ATFG Automatic Test File Generator In English Software
AUF Authorized User File In English
BOF Beginning Of File In English
CDF Combined Data File In English Data
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile In English Graphical processing
Image processing
CIFS Common Internet File System In English Internet
CSDF Central Source Data File In English Data
CUF Cross-Utilization File In English
DACS Data Acquisition and Control Subsystem In English Computer hardware
DBFN Data Bus File Number In English Data
DF Drawing File In English
ECF Equivalency Capability File In English
EDF Engineering Data File In English Data
Engineering, technology
ENDF Evaluated Neutron Data File In English Nuclear, atomic, and molecular physics
EOF End Of File In English
EVF Equipment Visibility File In English
FAED Fichier Automatisé des Empreintes Digitales In French Police
FAN File Area Network In English Networks, communication
FAT File Allocation Table In English Operating systems
FCC Fichier Central des Chèques In French Financial markets
FDF Flight Data File In English Aeronautics, aircraft
FFS (Berkeley) Fast File System In English Operating systems
FFS Flash File System In English Operating systems
FFS (Amiga) Fast File System In English Operating systems
FICOBA Fichier des Comptes Bancaires In French Banks
FICOBA Fichier national des Comptes Bancaires et Assimilés In French Financial markets
FINES Fichier National en matière Scientifique et Technologique In French Mathematics and natural sciences
Engineering, technology
FINESS Fichier National des Établissements Sanitaires et Sociaux In French Social welfare
FMP FileMaker Pro In English Software
FNFM Fichier National du Faux Monnayage In French Law, jurisprudence
FPR Fichier des Personnes Recherchées In French Police
FRC Fichier des Recherches Criminelles In French Criminology
FSRU File Substring Replacement Utility In English Software
FTAM File Transfer, Access, and Management In English Software
Networks, communication
FTP File Transfer Protocol In English Networks, communication
GDG Generation Data Group In English
HCF HIM Configuration File In English
IFF Interchange File Format In French
IFF Interchange File Format In English
IMF Inventory Master File In English Maintenance and logistics
JNDI Java Naming and Directory Interface In English Programming languages
MAF Manpower Authorization File In English
MCRDF Mission Configuration Requirements Data File In English
MCRF Mission Configuration Requirements File In English
MIEWF Master Integrated Engineering Work File In English Engineering, technology
MMDF Mission Model Data File In English Data
MRF Maintenance Responsibility File In English Maintenance and logistics
MSF Maintenance Source File In English Maintenance and logistics
NFS Network File Server In English Computer hardware
Networks, communication
OPIDF Operational Planning Identification File In English Management
PHF Parts History File In English
PLDF Payload Data File In English Astronautics
RDF Resource Data File In English Data
RFI Remote File Inquiry In English Networks, communication
SDF Simulation Data File In English Computer simulation
SDF Software Development File In English Software
SERF SE Requirements File In English
SMF Standard MIDI File In English Music
SPIDF Support-Planning Identification File In English
STF Standard Task File In English
SURF Système Utilitaire de Restitution de Fichier In French Software
SVM Star View Metafile In French Document processing
TDF Telemetry Data File In English Geodesy, cartography
TIFF Tagged Image File Format In English
UFD User File Directory In English Software
VDF Validation Data File In English Data
WUCF Work Unit Code File In English
XFB EXtended File Broker In English

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