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Acronym Sense Language Topics
AIMSUN2 Advanced Interactive Microscopic Simulator for Urban and Non-Urban Networks In English Transport and postal services
ANEMONE Analyse Environnementale et MOdélisation Numérique de l'Éolien In French Energy economics
Environmental technology, water supply, waste management
ARSC Arctic Region Supercomputing Center In English
ASCOT Advanced Scientific Computing Team In English Numerical analysis
CADAM Computer Graphics Augmented Design and Manufacturing In English
CADDS Computer-Aided Design and Drafting System In English
CANCER Computer Analysis of Nonlinear Circuits, Excluding Radiation In English Computer programs
CCSM Community Climate System Model (www.ccsm.ucar.edu) In English Meteorology, climatology
CFS Climate Forecast System In English Meteorology, climatology
COAMPS Coupled Ocean/Atmospheric Mesoscale Prediction System In English Marine research, oceanography
Meteorology, climatology
CReSS Cloud Resolving Storm Simulator In English Meteorology, climatology
CUG Cray User Group In English
DEM Distinct Element Method In English
DFS Dynamic Flight Simulator In English Aeronautics, aircraft
DMSO Defense Modeling and Simulation Office In English Military affairs
DRACULA Dynamic Route Assignment Combining User Learning and Microsimulation In English Transport and postal services
ECCAP Electromagnetic Compatibility Computerized Analysis In English
ECSS Extendable Computer System Simulator In English
EFI Extreme Forecast System In English Meteorology, climatology
ENER Espace Numérique et Extension du Réel (www.ensad.fr) In French Computer science
EPS Ensemble Prediction Systems In English
ESC Earth Simulator Center (www.jamstec.go.jp/esc/) In English Earth sciences
ESCS Electronic Spacecraft Simulator In English Astronautics
FMS Flexible Modeling System In English Meteorology, climatology
GVN Grand Versailles Numérique (www.gvn.chateauversailles.fr) In French Museums
HCSL Hybrid Computation and Simulation Laboratory In English Research institutes
HEDSIM High Endoatmospheric Defense System Simulator In English Military engineering
HEDSIM High Endoatmospheric Event-Based Simulation In English
HESS High-Energy Squib Simulator In English Physics
HiGEM High Resolution Global Environmental Modelling (www.higem.nerc.ac.uk) In English Threats to the environment
Earth sciences
HSL Hardware Simulation Laboratory In English Research institutes
Computer hardware
HUTSIM Helsinki University of Technology Simulator In English Finland
IBIS Input/Output Buffer Information Specification In English Data
ICOMP Institute for Computational Mechanics in Propulsion In English Research institutes
Mechanical engineering
Vehicle engineering
ICS Interpretive Computer Simulator In English
IJMoS International Journal of Modelling and Simulation In English Serial publications, periodicals
IRRMA Institut Romand de Recherche Numérique en Physique de Matériaux In French Physics
ITS Intercept Trajectory Simulation In English Vehicle engineering
LAF Lagged Average Forecast In English Meteorology, climatology
LAF Lagged Average Forecasting In English Meteorology, climatology
LAGS Launch Abort Guide Simulation In English Astronautics
LES Large Eddy Simulation In English
MACSI Mathematics, Computing and Simulation for Industry In English Mathematics
Computer science
MASCOTTE Méthodes Algorithmiques, Simulation, Combinatoire et OpTimisation pour les TElécommunications In French Telecommunications
MComM Mathematical and Computer Modelling In English Serial publications, periodicals
MDS Mission Development Simulator In English
MELROSE Mitsubishi Electric Road Traffic Simulation Environment In English Transport and postal services
MICSTRAN Microscopic Simulator Model for Traffic Networks In English Transport and postal services
MIRADOR Modélisation Interactive des Risques Associés au Développement d'Ouvrages Robustes In French Accidents, risks, safety
Civil engineering
MITSIM Microscopic Traffic Simulator In English Transport and postal services
MOISE Méthode et Outil Informatique de Sortie des États In French
NAS Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation In English Aerodynamics
NAS Nonavionics Simulator In English Aeronautics, aircraft
NETSIM Network Simulation In English
NSS Network Simulation System In English Networks, communication
NSTI NASA Simulation Traffic Interface In English Astronautics
United States
NWP Numerical Weather Prediction In English Meteorology, climatology
ODE Open Dynamics Engine (www.ode.org) In English Software
Image processing
OFDS Orbiter Flight Dynamic Simulator In English Astronautics
OFES OGCM for the Earth Simulator In English Marine research, oceanography
PADSIM Probabilistic Adaptive Simulation Model In English
RIDS Rockwell Integrated Defense Simulator In English Military affairs
RMS Random Motion Simulator In English
RTSF Real-Time Simulation Facility In English
RTSS Real-Time Simulation System In English
SAMS Systems Analysis Modelling Simulation In English Serial publications, periodicals
SCATS Simulation Control And Training System In English Education
SCC Simulation Configuration Control In English
SCOOP Simulation du Comportement d'un Opérateur Observant srupuleusement une Procédure In French Labour, labour economics
SCSS Satellite Control Simulation System In English Astronautics
SDF Simulation Data File In English Files
SDS Simulation Data Subsystem In English
SEG Simulation Engineering Group In English Engineering, technology
SHIVA Simulated Highways for Intelligent Vehicle Algorithms In English Algorithms
Transport and postal services
SHLB Simulation Hardware Load Box In English Computer hardware
SHS Simulation Hardware System In English Computer hardware
SIB Simulation Interface Buffer In English Human-computer interaction
SISTM Simulation of Strategies for Traffic on Motorways In English Transport and postal services
SOC Simulation Operation Computer In English Computer hardware
SPAF Simulation Processor and Formatter In English
SPCU Simulation Process Control Unit In English
SPICE Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis In English Electronics
SSH Simulation Support Hardware In English Computer hardware
STRI Simulation, Training and Instrumentation In English Education
TAMC Tangent linear and Adjoint Model Compiler (www.autodiff.com/tamc/) In English
THEMIS Technologies et Modélisation des Infrastructures des Systèmes Électriques In French Electrical engineering
USOC Unified System Orbit Computation In English Serial publications, periodicals
VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language In English Programming languages
VRML Virtual Reality Markup Language In English Programming languages
VSI Video Simulation Interface In English Human-computer interaction
XMDS eXtensible Multi-Dimensional Simulator In English Mathematics

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