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Acronym Sense Language Topics
ABCAS Algorithm Beam Center And Shape In English
ABJIT Algorithm Beam Jitter In English
ABLOS Algorithm Beam Line Of Sight In English
ACA Algorithmique, Combinatoire et Applications In French
ACO Ant Colony Optimization In English
ACS Ant Colony System In English
ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation In English Computer science
AET Algorithm Evaluation and Test In English
ALCOM Algorithm Line-Of-Sight Comparison In English
ALGOL Algorithmic Language In English Programming languages
ALOSA Algorithm Line-Of-Sight Angle In English
BM Boyer-Moore In many languages
CNPL Concurso Nacional de Programação Lógica In Portuguese Programming languages
DSA Digital Signature Algorithm In English Software
GALAAD Géométrie, ALgèbre, Algorithmes In French Algebra
IAL International Algorithmic Language In English Programming languages
IPA Institute for Programming research and Algorithmics (www.win.tue.nl/ipa/) In English Programming languages
IPA Instituut voor Programmatuurkunde en Algoritmiek (www.win.tue.nl/ipa/) In Dutch Research institutes
Computer science
JAlgo Journal of Algorithms In English Computer science
Serial publications, periodicals
JEA Journal of Experimental Algorithmics In English Serial publications, periodicals
Computer science
MASCOTTE Méthodes Algorithmiques, Simulation, Combinatoire et OpTimisation pour les TElécommunications In French Computer simulation
MMAS Max-Min Ant System In English
NuAlg Numerical Algorithms In English Serial publications, periodicals
OI Optimal Interpolation In English
PSPM Point Set Pattern Matching In English Computer-based techniques
RDM Repeats Detection Method In English Computer-based techniques
RLE Run-Length Encoding In English Computer science
SAGE Security Algorithms Group of Experts In English Organizations and associations
SEAL Software-Optimized Encryption Algorithm In English Software
SHA Secure Hash Algorithm In English Computer science
SHIVA Simulated Highways for Intelligent Vehicle Algorithms In English Computer simulation
Transport and postal services
TDEA Triple Data Encryption Algorithm In English Computer science
TIRAD Tool for Infrared Algorithm Development In English
TRIP Total Runoff Integrating Pathways In English Hydrology
USA2D/3D Unified Solutions Algorithm 2-Dimensional/3-Dimensional In English Computer-based techniques
UTOPIA Uniformly Third-Order Polynomial Interpolation Algorithm In English

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