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Acronym Sense Language Topics
IPA Internet Privatstiftung Austria In German Foundations
IPA Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung In German Research institutes
Engineering, technology
IPA Information-technology Promotion Agency In English Computer science
IPA Industrial Preparedness Action In English
IPA Intermediate-Power Amplifier In English
IPA Instrument de Pré-Adhésion In French European Union
IPA Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency In English 33972
IPA Interparlamentarische Arbeitsgemeinschaft In German Associations
Parliaments, representation
IPA Internationales Phonetisches Alphabet
= AFI | Alfabetul Fonetic Internaţional | In Romanian
= LFE | Lizherenneg Fonetikel Etrebroadel | In Breton
= МФА | Международната фонетична азбука | In Bulgarian
= AFI | Alfabet fonètic internacional | In Catalan
= IFA | Internacia Fonetika Alfabeto | In Esperanto
= IPA | International Phonetic Alphabet | In English
= ΔΦΑ | Διεθνές Φωνητικό Αλφάβητο | In Greek
= IPA | Internationales Phonetisches Alphabet | In German
= API | Alphabet Phonétique International | In French
= AFI | Alfabeto Fonético Internacional | In Spanish
= AFI | Alfabeto Fonético Internacional | In Galician
= NAF | Nazioarteko Alfabeto Fonetikoa | In Basque
= IPA | Internationalt Phonetescht Alphabet | In Letzeburgesh
= AFI | Alfabeto Fonetico Internazionale | In Italian
= МФА | Международный фонетический алфавит | In Russian
= AFI | Alfabeto Fonético Internacional | In Portuguese
= AFI | Alfabet fonetic internacionau | In Occitan
= AFE | Alfabet Fonetike Eternåcionå | In Walloon
= IFA | Internationoal Fonetisch Alfabet | In Vlaams
= AFN | Alfabeti Fonetik Ndërkombëtar | In Albanian
In Tosk Writing systems
IPA International Phonetic Alphabet
= AFI, LFE, МФА, IFA, ΔΦΑ, API, NAF, AFE, AFN (look above)
In English Writing systems
IPA Internationales Phonetisches Alphabet
= AFI, LFE, МФА, IFA, ΔΦΑ, API, NAF, AFE, AFN (look above)
In German Writing systems
IPA Internationalt Phonetescht Alphabet
= AFI, LFE, МФА, IFA, ΔΦΑ, API, NAF, AFE, AFN (look above)
In Letzeburgesh Writing systems
IPA International Phonetic Association In English Associations
Writing systems
IPA India Pale Ale In English Beverage industry
IPA Independent Pilots Association In English Associations
Aeronautics, aircraft
IPA Independent Practice Association In English Associations
IPA International Police Association In English Associations
IPA International Psychoanalytical Association In English Associations
IPA International Publishers' Association In English Associations
Graphic industries, printing, publishing
IPA International Powerlifting Association In English Associations
IPA Institute for Programming research and Algorithmics (www.win.tue.nl/ipa/) In English Programming languages
IPA Institute for Propaganda Analysis In English
IPA Institute of Public Affairs In English Politics
Public administration, government
IPA Instituut voor Programmatuurkunde en Algoritmiek (www.win.tue.nl/ipa/) In Dutch Research institutes
Computer science
IPA Indicateur de Professionnalisme des Achats In French Management

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