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Acronym Sense Language Topics
SCA Shuttle Carrier Aircraft In English Aeronautics, aircraft
SCA Symposium on Computer Animation In English Congresses
Computer science
Cinema, movies
SCA Side-Channel Analysis In English
SCA Service Central Automobile In French Public administration, government
Automobile manufacturing
SCA Société en Commandite par Actions In French Finance
SCA Seattle Counselors Association In English Associations
SCA Studii şi Cercetări de Astronomie In Romanian Serial publications, periodicals
SCA Schedule Change Authorization In English
SCA System Controller Assembly In English
SCA SDI Communications Architecture In English Telecommunications
SCA Sequence Control Area In English
SCA Sequence Control Assembly In English
SCA Service Contract Act In English Contract law
SCA Simulation Control Area In English
SCA Sneak Circuit Analysis In English Electrical engineering
SCA Software Command Analysis In English Software
SCA Syndrome Coronarien Aigu In French Blood and circulatory system
SCA Sport Club Amsterdam In Dutch Organizations and associations
Sport, physical exercises
SCA Syndicat Communautaire d'Aménagement In French Organizations and associations
Municipal administration

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