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Acronym Sense Language Topics
SCC Science and Civilisation in China In English Serial publications, periodicals
Mathematics and natural sciences
Civilization, culture, progress
SCC Standards Council of Canada In English Standardization
Organizations and associations
SCC Saskatoon Colostrum Company In English Biotechnology
Agricultural sciences
Veterinary medicine
SCC Syndrome du Canal Carpien In French 6167
ScC Scientific Council In English Mathematics and natural sciences
SCC Sisters of the Cross of Chavanad In English Roman catholic church
SCC Safety Control Center In English Accidents, risks, safety
SCC Scientific Computing Center In English Computer science
SCC Secondary Control Code In English
SCC SImulation Control Center In English
SCC Simulation Configuration Control In English Computer simulation
SCC Standing Consultative Commission In English Organizations and associations
SCC System Control Center In English
SCC Service Central de Comptabilité In French Accounting

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