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Acronym Sense Language Topics
TRL Test Readiness List In English
TRMS Technical Requirements Management System In English
TRS Troubleshooting Record Sheet In English Records management
TRSD Test Requirements (and) Specification Document In English
UC Unsatisfactory Condition In English
UCAR Unsatisfactory Condition Action Report In English
UCR Unsatisfactory Condition Report In English
UTRS Universal Trouble Reporting System In English
V&V Verification and Validation In English
VABF Vérification d’Aptitude au Bon Fonctionnement In French
VAR Verification Analysis Report In English
VAR Verification Analysis Review In English
VCD Verification Control Document In English
VCN Verification Change Notice In English
VCN Verification Completion Notice In English
VCS Verification Control Sheet In English
VSR Vérification de Service Régulier In French
VTP Verification Test Plan In English
VTP Verification Test Program In English
VTS Verification Test Station In English
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