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Acronym Sense Language Topics
AACA Army Air Corps Association In English Associations
ANC Air Force-Navy-Civil In English 358
United States
AND Air Force-Navy (Aeronautical) Design In English 358
Aeronautics, aircraft
United States
CNC Conseil National de la Communication In French Organizations and associations
DN Department of the Navy In English
FNFL Forces Navales Françaises Libres In French History
IACO International Aviation COnsulting In French 3592
Aeronautics, aircraft
JAN Joint Army-Navy In English Military affairs
MOC Marine Operation Center In English Public administration, government
NNOA (The) National Naval Officers Association (www.nnoa.org) In English Associations
NOA Naval Officer's Associations In English Associations
NOAC Naval Officers' Association of Canada (www.noac-national.ca) In English Associations
NPT Navy Pointer and Tracker In English Military engineering
NRL Naval Research Laboratory (www.nrl.navy.mil) In English Research institutes
NTDS Naval Tactical Data System In English Computer science
RAN Royal Australian Navy (www.navy.gov.au) In English Australia
USMC United States Marine Corps In English United States
USN United States Navy In English United States
USNS United States Navy Ship In English 6295
United States

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