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Acronym Sense Language Topics
ACE Angiotensin Converting Enzyme In English Cardiology
ADA Adenosine Deaminase In English Genetics
ADAMTS A Disintegrin-like And Metalloprotease with Thrombospondin (type 1) In English
ALAT Alanine Aminotransférase
= ALT | Alanina Aminotransferasa | In Spanish
= ALAT | Alanin-Aminotransferase | In German
= ALAT | Alanina Amminotransferasi | In Italian
= ALAT | Alanine-aminotransferase | In Dutch
= ALT | Alanina Aminotransferase | In Portuguese
= АЛТ | Аланинаминотрансфераза | In Russian
= ALAT | Alaninaminotransferas | In Swedish
In French
ALAT Alanin-Aminotransferase
= ALT, АЛТ (look above)
In German
ALAT Alanina Amminotransferasi
= ALT, АЛТ (look above)
In Italian
ALAT Alanine-aminotransferase
= ALT, АЛТ (look above)
In Dutch
ALAT Alaninaminotransferas
= ALT, АЛТ (look above)
In Swedish
ALT Alanine transaminase In English
ALT Alanina Aminotransferasa
= ALAT, АЛТ (look above)
In Spanish
ALT Alanina Aminotransferase
= ALAT, АЛТ (look above)
In Portuguese
ASAT Aspartate Aminotransférase
= AST | Aspartato Aminotransferasa | In Spanish
In French
AST Aspartato Aminotransferasa
= ASAT (look above)
In Spanish
ATGL Adipose Triglyceride Lipase In English
CHD Chromodomain Helicase DNA binding protein In English Proteins
CSTP1 Cysteine-Proteinase Inhibitor Pseudogene In English Genetics
Biochemistry, biophysics
ELISA Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay In English
GPT Glutamic-Pyruvate Transaminase In English
GPT Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase
= GPT | Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase | In French
= GPT | Glutamat-Pyruvat-Transaminase | In German
= TGP | Transaminase Glutâmico Pirúvica | In Portuguese
In English
GPT Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase
= TGP (look above)
In French
GPT Glutamat-Pyruvat-Transaminase
= TGP (look above)
In German
GTC Genzyme Transgenics Corporation In English Organizations and associations
H5N1 Hämagglutinin 5 Neuraminidase 1 In German Blood and circulatory system
HDAC Histone deacetylase In English Genetics
HELLP Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes and Low Platelet count In English Diagnostics
Blood and circulatory system
HOA Hydroxylamine-oxydoreductase In English
HSL Hormonsensitive Lipase In English
JAK Janus Kinase In English
LDH Lactate Dehydrogenase In English
MAPK Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase In English Proteins
MCME Methods: A Companion to Methods in Enzymology In English Serial publications, periodicals
MnSOD Manganese Superoxyde Dismutase In English
PAI Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor In English Blood and circulatory system
PAL Phosphatase Alcaline Leucocytaire In French Blood and circulatory system
PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction In English Biotechnology
PLK Polo-like Kinase In English
RT Reverse Transcriptase In English Genetics
RTK Receptor Tyrosine Kinase In English
RUBISCO Ribulose Bisphosphate Carboxylase/Oxygenase In English
SBE Starch-Branching Enzyme In English
SGPT Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase In English
TERT Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase In English Genetics
TGP Transaminase Glutâmico Pirúvica
= GPT (look above)
In Portuguese
TPA Tissue Plasminogen Activator In English Blood and circulatory system
UCH Ubiquitin Carboxy-terminal Hydrolase In English
АЛТ Аланинаминотрансфераза
= ALAT, ALT (look above)
In Russian

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