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Acronym Sense Language Topics
A Aperture In English
ACF Amsterdams Centrum voor Fotografie (www.acf-web.nl) In Dutch Netherlands
APN Appareil Photo Numérique In English Electronics
APRP Association of Professional Rodeo Photographers In English Associations
APS Advanced Photo System In English
APS Australian Photographic Society (www.a-p-s.org.au) In English Organizations and associations
BHCC Brighton and Hove Camera Club (www.bhcc-online.org) In English Organizations and associations
BHCC Ballynahinch Camera Club (www.the-bhcc.co.uk) In English Organizations and associations
CAPA Canadian Association for Photographic Art (www.capacanada.ca) In English Associations
DOF Depth of Field In English
ECPA Établissement Cinématographique et Photographique des Armées In French Public administration, government
Cinema, movies
HDRI High Dynamic Range Imaging In English Image processing
ICP International Center of Photography In English
IIPA International Institute of Photographic Arts (www.iipa.org) In English
IIPA International Industrial Photographers Association (www.industrialphotographers.net) In English Associations
JAPE Journal of Applied Photographic Engineering In English Serial publications, periodicals
MF Manual Focus In English
SAPHIR Syndicat des Agences de Presse Photographiques d'Information et de Reportage In French Organizations and associations
Newspapers, journalism
SPL Science Photo Library In English Libraries
Mathematics and natural sciences
SWD Supersonic Wave Drive In English
TTL Through The Lens In English
UPC Union des Photographes Créateurs (www.upc.fr) In French Organizations and associations
UWA Ultra Wide Angle In English
WB White Balance In English
ZNPFK Zhurnal Nauchnoi i Prikladnoi Fotografii i Kinematografii In Russian Serial publications, periodicals
Cinema, movies

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