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Acronym Sense Language Topics
BSE Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
= ESB | Encéphalopathie Spongioforme Bovine | In French
= BSE | Bova Spongoforma Encefalopatio | In Esperanto
= EEB | Encefalopatía Espongiforme Bovina | In Portuguese
= BSE | Bovine Spongiforme Enzephalopathie | In German
= BSE | Bovin spongiform ensefalopati | In Turkish
= ESB | Encephalopathia Spongiforme Bovin | In Interlingua
= BSE | Boviene spongiforme encefalopathie | In Dutch
= GSE | Goveđa spongiformna encefalopatija | In Serbo-Croatian
= ESB | Encefalopatia Spongiforme Bovina | In Italian
In English Veterinary medicine
BSE Booster Systems Engineer In English
BSE Bova Spongoforma Encefalopatio
= ESB, EEB, GSE (look above)
In Esperanto Veterinary medicine
BSE Bovine Spongiforme Enzephalopathie
= ESB, EEB, GSE (look above)
In German Veterinary medicine
BSE Bovin spongiform ensefalopati
= ESB, EEB, GSE (look above)
In Turkish Veterinary medicine
BSE Boviene spongiforme encefalopathie
= ESB, EEB, GSE (look above)
In Dutch Veterinary medicine
BSE Bovinní spongiformní encefalopatie In Czech
BSE Bezinkingssnelheid van de erythrocyten
= ESR | Erythrozytensedimentationsrate | In German
= ESR | Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate | In English
= VES | Velocità di eritrosedimentazione | In Italian
= ENG | Eritrocitų nusėdimo greitis | In Lithuanian
In Dutch Blood and circulatory system
BSE Bulletin of Statistics and Economics In English Serial publications, periodicals

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