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Acronym Sense Language Topics
SPA Simple Power Analysis In English Hardware
SPA Sociedade Portuguesa de Andrologia (www.spandrologia.pt) In Portuguese Organizations and associations
Sexual problems
SPA Social Policy Analysis In English Politics
Public administration, government
SPA Socialistische Partij Anders (www.s-p-a.be) In Dutch Socialist parties
SPA Société Protectrice des Animaux In French Organizations and associations
Nature and society
SPA SBand Power Amplifier In English Telecommunications
SPA Servopower Amplifier In English Mechanical engineering
SPA Servopower Assembly In English Mechanical engineering
SPA Shared Peripheral Area In English
SPA Signal Processor Assembly In English Hardware
SPA Small-Payload Accommodations In English
SPA Software Product Assurance In English Software
SPA Space Processing Application In English Spaceflight engineering, astronautics
SPA Steering Position Amplifier In English Vehicle engineering
SpA Società per Azioni
= AB | Akcinė bendrovė | In Lithuanian
= AK | Akcia Kompanio | In Esperanto
= AT | Акцыянэрнае таварыства | In Bulgarian
= AS | Aktsiaselts | In Estonian
= AG | Aktiengesellschaft | In German
= DD | Dioničko Društvo | In Croatian
= AS | Aksjeselskap | In Norwegian
= AS | Aktieselskab | In Danish
= SA | Spółka Akcyjna | In Polish
= SA | Societăţi pe Acţiuni | In Romanian
= AB | Aktiebolag | In Swedish
= AD | Akcionarsko Društvo | In Serbian
= DD | Delniška Družba | In Slovenian
= AS | Akciová Spoločnosť | In Slovak
= AS | Akciová Společnost | In Czech
= AT | Акціонерне товариство | In Ukrainian
In Italian Economics
SPA Sapeur-Pompier Auxiliaire In French 62892
SPA Secure Payment Application In English Computer-based techniques

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