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Acronym Sense Language Topics
SEAPG Support Equipment Acquisition Planning Group In English
SEI Support Equipment Installation In English
SEICO Support Equipment Installation and Checkout In English
SFPPL Short-Form Provisioning Parts List In English
SICA Secondary Inventory Control Activities In English
SIMS Shuttle Inventory Management System In English Astronautics
SIMS Single Inventory Management System In English
SKU Stock-Keeping Unit In English
SLA Support and Logistics Areas In English
SLAM Station Logistics And Maintainability (database) In English
SLSA Shuttle Logistics Support Aircraft In English Aeronautics, aircraft
SMA Supply Management, Army In English Military affairs
SMR Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability In English
SMSG Shuttle Maintenance Steering Group In English Organizations and associations
SOGEP Société Générale de Prestations In French
SOS Source Of Supply In English
SPC Shipping and Packing Cost In English Prices
SPL Serialized Parts List In English
SPM Standard Parts Manual In English
SPO Spare Parts Order In English
SPPL Spare Parts Provisioning List In English
SPSL Space Parts Selection List In English Astronautics
SPUR Separate Parts Usage Record In English Records management
SRM Supplier Relationship Management In English
SRP Standard Repair Procedure In English
SSCC Serial Shipping Container Code In English Transport and postal services
SSMB Space Shuttle Maintenance Baseline In English Astronautics
STAMP System Testability And Maintainability Program In English
STMU Special Test and Maintenance Unit In English Quality management
StoLPaN Store Logistics and Payment with NFC In English
SYGMA SYstème de Gestion de la MAintenance In French Software
T&D Transportation and Docking In English Transport and postal services
TAMNS The Army Maintenance Management System In English Military affairs
TCIP Technical Control Improvement Program In English
TM Test Maintenance In English
TMDE Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment In English Quality management
TMF Transporter Maintenance Facility In English
UM Unscheduled Maintenance In English
VMF Vertical Maintenance Facility In English
VNL Verein Netzwerk Logistik (www.vnl.at) In German Organizations and associations
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