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Acronym Sense Language Topics
AAHC American Association of Healthcare Consultants In English Associations
United States
AALNC American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants In English Associations
United States
ACCE Association des Conseils en Commerce Électronique In French Associations
Fundamentals of knowledge and culture
ACCE Association des Conseils en Communication Électronique In French Associations
ACIFR Alliance des Consultants Industriels Francophones (www.acifr.org) In French Organizations and associations
AECO Asociación Española de Consultoras de Outplacement In Spanish Associations
APCC Association of Professional Computer Consultants In English Associations
Computer science
APCC Association of Professional Communication Consultants In English Associations
Public relations
BOC Business Objectives Consulting In English
BSIC Bundessparte Information und Consulting In German
BTRC Bio-Tek Research Consultants (www.btrc.com) In English Biotechnology
CNTC Centre National des Technologies et du Consulting In French Engineering, technology
DHC Dominique Hamon Communication In French
HSC Hervé Schauer Consultants In French Computer science
InTEEC Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Consultant In English Computer science
Electrical engineering
JMEC John Moore Electronics Consultancy (www.jmec.co.uk) In English Electronics
United Kingdom
KPMG Kleynveld - Peat - Marwick - Goerdeler (www.kpmg.com) In many languages Accounting
LMC Lean Manufacturing Consulting In English Engineering, technology
MUNCI Mouvement pour une Union Nationale des Consultants en Informatique In French Organizations and associations
Computer science
NCG Nordic Consulting Group In English
OBG Oxford Business Group (www.oxfordbusinessgroup.com) In English
OPQCM Office Professionnel de Qualification des Conseils en Management In French
P3I Planning, Performance, Process & Innovative Solutions In English Economics
Public administration, government
PMN Parent, McLaughlin and Nangle (www.pmn.com) In English Economics
RGC Richard Glynn Consultants In English
SEC Sigma Energy Consulting In English Energy economics
UFARCO Union Française des Associations Régionales de Consultants In French Organizations and associations

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