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Acronym Sense Language Topics
BuMat Bulletin Mathématique In French Mathematics
BuSSA The Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America In English Seismology, earthquakes
United States
BVol Bulletin of Volcanology In English 55121
BYam Bulletin of the Yamagata University In English
ByzZ Byzantinische Zeitschrift In German
BZ Byzantinische Zeitschrift In German Language, linguistics, literature
Geography, biography, history
BZ Biblische Zeitschrift In German Religion, theology
C&E Ciel et Espace In French Astronomy
Earth sciences
C&M Classica & Mediævalia In Latin
C&T Ciel et Terre In French Earth sciences
CAFOE Circulaire de l'Association Française d'Observateurs d'Étoiles Variables In French Astronomy
CaGeJ Canadian Geotechnical Journal In English Earth sciences
Civil engineering
CAH Cambridge Ancient History In English History
CAJ Central Asiatic Journal In English Language, linguistics, literature
Geography, biography, history
CAJ China Academic Journals In English
CaJCE Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering In English Civil engineering
CaJCh Canadian Journal of Chemistry In English Chemistry
CaJES Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences In English Earth sciences
CaJPh Canadian Journal of Physics In English Physics
CaJRS Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing In English Astronautics
CaJSS Canadian Journal of Soil Science In English Earth sciences
CAMP Computational and Applied Mathematical Physics In English Mathematics
CamRe Cambridge Observatories Reprints In English Astronomy
CANM Communications in Applied Numerical Methods In English Mathematics
CAP Current Applied Physics In English Physics
CapMi Royal Observatory Cape Mimeogram In English Astronomy
CarOB Carter Observatory Wellington New Zealand Astronomical Bulletins In English Astronomy
CarR Caries Research In English Medicine
CarRe Carter Observatory Wellington New Zealand Reprints In English Astronomy
CarRv Catalysis Reviews In English Chemistry
CAS Cambridge Astrophysics Series In English Astronomy
CASJ Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal In English Aeronautics, aircraft
CASJQ Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal Quarter In English Aeronautics, aircraft
CatL Catalysis Letters In English Chemistry
CBQ Catholic Biblical Quarterly In English Roman catholic church
CBR Computers and Biomedical Research In English Computer science
Biological sciences
CCA Cambridge Contemporary Astrophysics In English Astronomy
CCPCE Current Contents Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences In English Physics
Earth sciences
CdÉ Chronique d'Égypte
= CE | Chronique d'Égypte | In French
In French Archeology
CDT Connaissance des Temps In English Astronomy
CE Chronique d'Égypte
= CdÉ (look above)
In French Archeology
CEA Cahiers d'Études Africaines In French Area studies
CEAB Central European Astrophysical Bulletin In English Astronomy
CEE Computers and Electrical Engineering In English Computer science
Electrical engineering
CEEJ Canadian Electrical Engineering Journal In English Electrical engineering
CEJ Chemistry European Journal In English Chemistry
CEJPh Central European Journal of Physics In English Physics
CeMDA Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy In English Astronomy
CeMec Celestial Mechanics In English Astronomy
CEnTp Engineering Thermophysics China In English Thermodynamics
Engineering, technology
CESR Central Eurasian Studies Review In English Area studies
CEyeR Current Eye Research In English Biological sciences
CF Computers and Fluids In English Computer science
Fluid mechanics
CFC Cuadernos de Filologia clásica In Spanish Philology
CG Computers and Geosciences In English Computer science
Earth sciences
CGDAM Conformal Geometry and Dynamics of the American Mathematical Society In English Mathematics
United States
CGIP Computer Graphics Image Processing In English Computer science
ChA&A Chinese Astronomy and Astrophysics In English Astronomy
ChCom Chemical Communications In English Chemistry
ChEdu Chemical Educator In English Chemistry
ChEnC Chemical Engineering Communications In English Chemistry
Chemical technology
ChEnN Chemical Engineering News In English Chemistry
Chemical technology
ChEnS Chemical Engineering Science In English Chemistry
Chemical technology
ChGeo Chemical Geology In English Earth sciences
ChIEJ Chinese Institute of Engineers Journal In English Engineering, technology
CHJ Conference of Historical Journals In English Organizations and associations
ChJA Chinese Journal of Aeronautics In English Astronautics
Aeronautics, aircraft
ChJAA Chinese Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics In English Astronautics
ChJCP Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics In English Physics
ChJG Chinese Journal of Geophysics In English Geophysics
ChJIR Chinese Journal of Infrared Research In English Optics
ChJL Chinese Journal of Lasers In English Optics
ChJNP Chinese Journal of Nuclear Physics In English Nuclear, atomic, and molecular physics
ChJPh Chinese Journal of Physics In English Physics
ChJPR Chinese Journal of Polar Research In English Earth sciences
ChJS Chinese Journal of Semiconductors In English Physics
ChJSS Chinese Journal of Space Science In English Astronomy
ChPh Chemical Physics In English Chemistry
ChPhL Chinese Physics Letter In English Physics
ChPhy Chinese Physics In English Physics
ChSAJ Chinese Society of Astronautics Journal In English Astronautics
ChSBu Chinese Science Bulletin In English Mathematics and natural sciences
ChSMJ Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers Journal In English Mechanical engineering
ChSRv Chemical Society Reviews In English Chemistry
ChSST Chinese Space Science Technology In English Astronomy
CiBAA Circular of the British Astronomical Association In English Astronomy
United Kingdom
CIPSG Canadian Information Processing Society Graphics Interface In English Computer science
CiSSV Circolare Interna della Sezione Stelle Variabili dell'Unione Astrofili Italiani In Italian Astronomy
CITM Chubu Institute of Technology, Memoirs In English Applied sciences, technology
CiUO Circular of the Union Observatory Johannesburg In English Astronomy
CJAS Canadian Journal of African Studies In English Area studies
CJAS Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies In English Language, linguistics, literature
Geography, biography, history
CJChE Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering In English Chemical technology
CJECE Canadian Journal of Electrical Computer Engineering In English Hardware
Electrical engineering
CJLTP Chinese Journal of Low Temperature Physics In English Physics
CJMat Canadian Journal of Mathematics In English Mathematics
CJNE Canadian Journal of Native Education In English Education
CJPP Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology In English Physiology
Pharmacology, toxicology
ClDy Climate Dynamics In English Meteorology, climatology
CliPa Climate of the Past In English Meteorology, climatology
CliPD Climate of the Past Discussions In English Meteorology, climatology
CMAME Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering In English Computer-based techniques
Mechanical engineering
CMDRG Cislennye Metody v Dinamike Razrežennyh Gazov In Russian Physics
CMMPh Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics In English Mathematics
CmpEn Composites Engineering In English Materials science
CmpMa Composites Manufacturing In English Materials science
CmpSt Composite Structures In English Materials science
CMT Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics In English Mechanics
CMwA Computers and Mathematics with Applications In English Computer science
CMWCI Contributions from the Mount Wilson Observatory / Carnegie Institution of Washington In English Astronomy
United States
CNME Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering In English Mathematics
Engineering, technology
CNSNS Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulations In English Mathematics
COA Computational Optimization and Applications In English
CoAlg Communications in Algebra In English Algebra
CoArm Contributions from the Armagh Observatory In English Astronomy
CoAsi Contributions dell'Osservatorio Astrofisica dell'Universita di Padova in Asiago In Italian Astronomy
CoASP Comments on Astrophysics and Space Physics In English Astronomy
CoAst Communications in Asteroseismology In English Astronomy
Seismology, earthquakes
CoAth Contributions from the Research and Computing Center Academy of Sciences of Athens In English Astronomy
CoBos Contributions from the Bosscha Observervatory In English Astronomy
CoBrn Contributions of the Public Observatory and Planetarium in Brno In English Astronomy
CoCam Contributions from the Cambridge Observatory England In English Astronomy
United Kingdom
CoCoi Comunicações do Observatório Astronómico da Universidade de Coimbra In Portuguese Astronomy
CoCom Control and Computers In English Computer science
CoDAO Contributions from the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Victoria In English Astronomy
CoDDO Communications from the David Dunlap Observatory In English Astronomy
CoDun Contributions from the Dunsink Observatory Dublin Ireland In English Astronomy
Republic of Ireland
CoFl Combustion and Flame In English Thermodynamics
CoFra Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Italia. Laboratorio di Astrofisica Frascati, Contributi In Italian Astronomy
CoIAP Contributions de l'Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris In French Astronomy
COIR Clinical Oral Implants Research In English Medicine
CoKit Contributions from the Kitt Peak National Observatory In English Astronomy
CoKon Commmunications of the Konkoly Observatory Hungary In English Astronomy
CoKwa Contributions from the Kwasan and Hida Observatories University of Kyoto In English Astronomy
CoKyo Contributions from the Institute of Astrophysics and Kwasan Observatory Kyoto In English Astronomy
CoLic Contributions of Lick Observatory In English Astronomy
ColJ Colloid Journal In English 5447
CoLon Communications of the University of London Observatory In English Astronomy
United Kingdom
CoLou Contributions of the Louisiana State University Observatory Baton Rouge Louisiana In English Astronomy
United States
CoLPL Communications of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory In English Astronomy
ColSu Colloids and Surfaces In English 5447
ComAp Comments on Astrophysics In English Astronomy
CoMat Compositio Mathematica In Latin Mathematics
ComBr Communication Broadcasting In English Telecommunications
CoMcD Contributions from the McDonald Observatory University of Texas Fort Davis In English Astronomy
United States
CoMil Contributions dell'Osservatorio Astrononia di Milano-Merate In Italian Astronomy
ComMP Comments in Modern Physics In English Physics
CoMP Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology In English Mineralogy
ComPh Computers in Physics In English Computer science
CompJ The Computer Journal In English Computer science
CompM Computational Mechanics In English Mechanics
Computer science
Compo Composites In English Materials science
ComRv (The) Communication Review In English Telecommunications
ComSE Computing Systems in Engineering In English Computer science
Engineering, technology
ComSp Commercial Space In English Astronomy
ComST Composites Science Technology In English Materials science
COMTR COMSAT Technical Review In English 645
ConCP Contemporary Concepts in Physics In English Physics
ConFP Contemporary Fundamental Physics In English Physics
CoNMx Contributions of the Observatory of New Mexico State University Las Cruces In English Astronomy
ConPh Contemporary Physics In English Physics
ConSc Connection Science In English Mathematics and natural sciences
CoORB Communications de l'Observatoire Royal de Belgique In French Astronomy
CoOxf Communications from the University Observatory Oxford In English Astronomy
CoPDE Communications in Partial Differential Equations In English Differential calculus, integral calculus
CoPer Contributions of Perkins Observatory In English Astronomy
CoPhC Computer Physics Communications In English Computer science
CoPhR Computer Physics Reports In English Computer science
CoPP Contributions to Plasma Physics In English Plasma physics
CopRe Copenhagen University Observatory Reprints In English Astronomy
CoPri Contributions from the Princeton University Observatory In English Astronomy
CoRad Communications from the Radcliffe Observatory In English Astronomy
CorD Córdoba-Durchmusterung In German Astronomy
CoRHO Contributions - University of Florida Rosemary Hill Observatory In English Astronomy
United States
CoROE Communications from the Royal Observatory Edinburgh In English Astronomy
CoRSE Royal Society Edinburgh Communications Physical Sciences In English
CoRut Contributions from the Rutherford Observatory of Columbia University New York In English Astronomy
United States
CoSka Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnate Pleso In English Astronomy
CoSkL Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnate Pleso Letters In English Astronomy
CoSkS Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnate Pleso Supplement In English Astronomy
CosRe Cosmic Research In English Astronomy
CoSSC Communication in Statistics - Simulation and Computation In English
CosSe Cosmic Search Summer In English Astronomy
CoStA Communications from the University Observatory St-Andrews In English Astronomy
CoSte Contributions - University of Arizona Steward Observatory In English Astronomy
United States
CoSTM Communication in Statistics - Theory and Methods In English
CoStr Computers and Structures In English Computer science
CoThe Contributions from the Astronomical Department of the University of Thessaloniki In English Astronomy
CoTok Contributions from the Department of Astronomy University of Tokyo In English Astronomy
CoTol Contributions from the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory In English Astronomy
CoTPh Communications in Theoretical Physics In English Physics
CoUCL Contributions de l'Universite Catholique de Louvain In French Roman catholic church
Higher education, universities
CoVar Complex Variables In English Mathematics
CoVVO Contributions of the Van Vleck Observatory In English Astronomy
CoWas Contributions from the Washburn Observatory of the University of Wisconsin In English Astronomy
United States
CoWat Contributions of the University of Waterloo Observatory In English Astronomy
CoWro Contributions from the Wroclaw Astronomical Observatory In English Astronomy
CPAM Communications in Pure Applied Mathematics In English Mathematics
CPC Combinatorics, Probability and Computing In English Mathematics
Computer science
CPCar Chemistry and Physics of Carbon In English Physics
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