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Acronym Sense Language Topics
PhyR Physical Research In English Physics
PhyS Physica Scripta In Latin Physics
PhyW Physics World In English Physics
PhyZ Physikalische Zeitschrift In German Physics
PIE Publication In Engineering In English Applied sciences, technology
PIGP Proceedings of the Institute of General Physics In English Physics
PIPSS (The Journal of) Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies In English Politics
PIstO Publications of the Istanbul (University) Observatory In English Astronomy
PJA Proceeding of the Japan Academy In English ,
PKAS Publication of the Korean Astronomical Society In English Astronomy
PKirO Publications of the Kirkwood Observatory of Indiana University In English Astronomy
United States
PKM Physik der Kondensiterten Materie In German Physics of condensed matter
Pl&I Plasmas and Ions In English Plasma physics
PLAGL Publications de l'Institut d'Astronomie et de Géophysique de Louvain In French Astronomy
PlAst Planetary Astronomy In English Astronomy
PLawO Publications of Laws Observatory In English Astronomy
PLDS Physics of Low-Dimensional Structures In English Physics
PLicO Publications of Lick Observatory In English Astronomy
PlPh Plasma Physics In English 5539
PlPhR Plasma Physics Reports In English Plasma physics
PlPo Plasmas and Polymers In English Plasma physics
Chemical technology
Plastic industry
PlR Planetary Report In English Astronomy
PLTP Progress in Low Temperature Physics In English Physics
PMag Philosophical Magazine In English Philosophy, psychology
PMagL Philosophical Magazine Letters In English Philosophy, psychology
PManO Publications of the Manila Observatory In English Astronomy
PMatP Progress in Mathematical Physics In English Mathematics
PMB Physics in Medicine and Biology In English Physics
Biological sciences
PMcCO Publications of the Leander McCormick Observatory In English Astronomy
PMetP Progress in Metal Physics In English Physics
PMetR Papers in Meteorological Research In English Meteorology, climatology
PMG Papers in Meteorology and Geophysics In English Meteorology, climatology
PMHu Periodica Mathematica Hungarica In Latin Mathematics
PMM Physics of Metals and Metallography In English Metallurgy
PMPES Proceedings: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences In English Mathematics and natural sciences
Applied sciences, technology
PMRP Progress in Medical Radiation Physics In English Medicine
PMunO Publications of the Munich Observatory In English Astronomy
PNAOJ Publications of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan In English Astronomy
PNAS Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (www.pnas.org) In English Mathematics and natural sciences
PNSBP Proceedings of the National Society of Black Physicists In English
PNSci Progress in Natural Science In English Mathematics and natural sciences
PoA Politique Africaine In French Politics
POBeo Publications de l'Observatoire Astronomique de Beograd In French Astronomy
POBor Publications de l'Observatoire de l'Université de Bordeaux In French Astronomy
POClu Publicatiile Observatorului Astronomic al Universităţii din Cluj In Romanian Astronomy
PoCom Polymer Composites In English Chemical technology
Plastic industry
POHel Publications of the Astronomical Observatory Helsinki In English Astronomy
PolAt Pollution Atmosphérique In French 5023
Meteorology, climatology
PolPh Polymer Physics In English Chemistry
Chemical technology
Plastic industry
PolRe National Institute Polar Research Memoirs In English Earth sciences
POMic Publications of Michigan Observatory In English Astronomy
POMil Pubblicazioni dell'Osservatorio Astronomico di Milano-Merate In Italian Astronomy
POMin Publications of the Astronomical Observatory University of Minnesota In English Astronomy
United States
POPad Pubblicazioni dell'Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova In Italian Astronomy
POPal Pubblicazioni dell'Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo In Italian Astronomy
POPar Publication de l'Observatoire de Paris In French Astronomy
POrCo Progress in Organic Coatings In English Materials science
POStr Publication de l'Observatoire de Strasbourg In French Astronomy
POTor Pubblicazioni Varie Fuori Serie dell'Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino In Italian Astronomy
POTou Publications de l'Observatoire de Toulouse In French Astronomy
POVRO Publications of the Owens Valley Observatory In English Astronomy
PPCAS Publication of the Pomona College Astronomical Society In English Astronomy
PPCF Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (www.iop.org/EJ/journal/PPCF) In English Plasma physics
Nuclear technology
PPcPp Progress in Photochemistry and Photophysics In English Electromagnetism
PPEE Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering In English Electrical engineering
PPGeo Progress in Physical Geography In English Geography
PPHTS Physical Properties of High Temperature Superconductors In English Physics
PPME Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering In English Mechanical engineering
PPMtO Publications of the Purple Mountain Observatory In English Astronomy
PPN Physics of Particles and Nuclei In English Nuclear, atomic, and molecular physics
PPS Proceedings of the Physical Society In English Physics
PPSL Proceedings of the Physical Society of London In English Physics
PPTE Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering In English Vehicle engineering
Transport and postal services
PPTEn Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering In English Plastic industry
PQE Progress in Quantum Electronics In English Quantum mechanics
PrAA Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics In English Astronautics
Aeronautics, aircraft
PrAeS Progress in Aerospace Sciences In English Astronomy
Aeronautics, aircraft
PrAst Practical Astronomy In English Astronomy
PRCO Publications of the Riverview College Observatory In English Astronomy
PrECS Progress in Energy and Combustion Science In English Thermodynamics
PreR Precambrian Research In English Palaeontology
PrEx Propellants and Explosives In English Vehicle engineering
PrExP Propellants and Explosives Pyrotechnics In English Vehicle engineering
PrMS Progress in Materials Science In English Materials science
PrOce Progress in Oceanography In English Marine research, oceanography
PROE Publications of the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh In English Astronomy
PrPh Progress of Physics In English Physics
PrPNP Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics In English Nuclear, atomic, and molecular physics
PrSS Progress In Surface Science In English
PrVP Proceedings of Vibration Problems In English Acoustics
PSAIL Pubblicazioni della Stazione Astronomica Internazionale di Latitudine In Italian Astronomy
PSCDS Publication Spéciale du Centre de Données Stellaires In French Astronomy
PSCEC Physical Sciences - Series of the Commission of European Communities In English Physics
PSD Physical Sciences Data In English Physics
PSEBM Proceedings of The Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine In English Biological sciences
PSL Physics of Solids and Liquids In English Physics
PSprO Publications of the Sproul Observatory In English Astronomy
PSS Physica Status Solidi In Latin Physics
PSST Plasma Sources Science Technology In English Plasma physics
PTCP Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics In English Physics
Theoretical chemistry
PTF Physics of Thin Films In English Physics
PThPh Progress of Theoretical Physics In English Physics
PThPS Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement In English Physics
PTPPB Physics and Technology of Particle and Photon Beams In English Nuclear, atomic, and molecular physics
PUAms Publications of the Astronomical Institute of the University of Amsterdam In English Astronomy
PUFir Pubblicazioni della R. Universita degli studi di Firenze In Italian Astronomy
PULei Publikationen der Königlichen Universitäts-Sternwarte zu Leipzig In German Astronomy
PUS Public Understanding of Science In English Mathematics and natural sciences
PUSK Publikation der Königlichen Sternwarte in Kiel In German Astronomy
PUSNO Publications of the US Naval Observatory In English Astronomy
PVasO Publications of the Vassar College Observatory In English Astronomy
PVSS Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand, Publications of Variable Star Section In English Astronomy
PVVO Publications of the Van Vleck Observatory In English Astronomy
PW&SO Publications of the Warner Swasey Observatory In English Astronomy
PWasO Publications of the Washburn Observatory In English Astronomy
PWHHO Publications of West Hendon House Observatory In English Astronomy
PYerO Publications of the Yerkes Observatory In English Astronomy
PYunO Publications of the Yunnan Observatory In English Astronomy
QApMa Quarterly of Applied Mathematics In English Mathematics
QJMAM Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics In English Mechanics
QJMat The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics In English Mathematics
QJRAS Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society In English Astronomy
QJRMS Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society In English Meteorology, climatology
QR Quarterly Review of Historical Studies In English History
QRBio Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics In English Biochemistry, biophysics
QSA Quaderni di studi arabi In Italian Area studies
QSRv Quaternary Science Reviews In English Mathematics and natural sciences
QUCC Quaderni Urbinati di Cultura Classica In Italian Civilization, culture, progress
Language, linguistics, literature
QuFin Quantitative Finance In English Mathematics
QuOpt Quantum Optics In English Optics
Quantum mechanics
QuRes Quaternary Research In English
QuSOp Quantum and Semiclassical Optics In English Optics
Quantum mechanics
RA Revue d'Assyriologie et d'archéologie orientale In French Archeology
RA Ricerche Astronomiche In Italian Astronomy
RaEE Radio and Electronic Engineer In English Telecommunications
RAL Research in African Literature In English 821
RAL Rendiconti dell'Accademia nazionale dei Lincei In Italian
RAOU Recherches Astronomiques de l'Observatoire d'Utrecht In French Astronomy
RaRLJ Radio Research Laboratories Journal In English Telecommunications
RaRLR Radio Research Laboratories Review In English Telecommunications
RaSc Radio Science In English Telecommunications
RaScB Radio Science Bulletin In English Telecommunications
RaScS Radio Science Supplement In English Telecommunications
RB Revue Biblique In French Religion, theology
RBrFi Revista Brasileira de Física In Portuguese Physics
RCEA Revue Canadienne des Études Africaines In French Area studies
RDCMP Recent Development in Condensed Matter Physics In English Physics of condensed matter
RDR Review of Derivatives Research In English
RE Revue d'Égyptologie In French Archeology
ReAA Recherches Aéronautiques et Aérospatiales In French Aeronautics, aircraft
REB Radiation and Environmental Biophysics In English Threats to the environment
Biochemistry, biophysics
RecAug Recherches Augustiniennes In French Religion, theology
RecSR Recherches de Sciences Religieuses In French Religion, theology
REEP Radio Engineering and Electronic Physics In English Telecommunications
REG Revue des Études Grecques In French Language, linguistics, literature
REI Revue des Études Islamiques In French Islam
REJ Revue des Études Juives In French Social welfare
REL Revue des Études Latines In French Language, linguistics, literature
RelSRev Religious Studies Review In English Religion, theology
REMMM Revue du Monde Musulman et de la Méditerranée In French Area studies
REMMM Revue des Mondes Musulmans et de la Méditerranée In French Area studies
ReNEv Research in Nondestructive Evaluation In English Engineering, technology
REP Revista Española del Pacífico In Spanish Area studies
RES Revue des Études Sémitiques In French Judaism
RevHM Revue d'Histoire Maghrébine In French History
RevQ Revue de Qumran In French Religion, theology
RF Rivista di Filosofia In Italian Philosophy, psychology
RFDA Revue Française de Droit Administratif In French Law, jurisprudence
Public administration, government
RFIC Rivista di Filologia e di Instruzione Classica In Italian Philology
RFNS Rivista di Filosofia Neoscolastica In Italian Philosophy, psychology
RFO Revue des Facultés catholiques de l'Ouest In French Roman catholic church
Higher education, universities
RFrM Revue Francaise de Mécanique In French Mechanical engineering
RFS Revue Française de Sociologie In French Sociology
RGN Revue Générale Nucléaire In French Nuclear, atomic, and molecular physics
Nuclear technology
RGOB Royal Greenwich Observatory Bulletin In English Astronomy
RGOO Royal Greenwich Observatory Observations In English Astronomy
RH Revue Historique In French History
RHPh Revue d'Histoire de la Philosophie In French Philosophy, psychology
RHPR Revue d'Histoire et de Philosophie Religieuses In French History
Philosophy, psychology
Religion, theology
RHR Radical History Review In English History
RHR Revue de l'Histoire des Religions In French Religion, theology
RIG Rivista Italiana di Geofisica In Italian Geophysics
RIGSA Rivista Italiana di Geofisica e Scienze Affini In Italian Geophysics
RIMA Revue de l'Institut des Manuscripts Arabes In French Manuscripts
RIPh Revue Internationale de Philosophie In French Philosophy, psychology
RIS Revue, Informatique et Statistique dans les sciences humaines In French Computer-based techniques
Social sciences
RJET Russian Journal of Engineering Thermophysics In English Thermodynamics
RJMP Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics In English Mathematics
RJPC Russian Journal Physical Chemistry In English ,
RJSS Romanian Journal of Japanese Studies In English Area studies
RJTAM Russian Journal Theoretical and Applied Mechanics In English Mechanics
Mechanical engineering
RLEMR Research Laboratory Engineering Materials Report In English Engineering, technology
RLPME Research Laboratory Precision Machinery Electronics Bulletin In English Mechanical engineering
RMA Research Measurement Approach In English
RMetA Rivista di Meteorologia Aeronautica In Italian Meteorology, climatology
Aeronautics, aircraft
RMM Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale In French Metaphysics
RMxAA Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica In Spanish Astronomy
RMxF Revista Mexicana de Física In Spanish Physics
RNAO Resultados del Observatorio Nacional Argentino In Spanish Astronomy
RNAOJ Report of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan In English Astronomy
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