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Acronym Sense Language Topics
UDP User Datagram Protocol In English
UDP/IP User datagram protocol/Internet Protocol In English Internet
UDWDM Ultra Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing In English Telecommunications
UGC User Generated Content In English Computer-based techniques
UMVF Université Médicale Virtuelle Francophone (www.umvf.prd.fr) In French Higher education, universities
UNE Unbundled Network Elements In English Telecommunications
URI Uniform Resource Identifier In English Libraries
URL Uniform Resource Locator In English
VAX Virtual Address Extended In English
VC-ATOD Virtual Clearinghouse on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
= CV-ATOD | Centro Virtual de Información sobre Alcohol, Tabaco y otras Drogas | In Spanish
In English Libraries
VDSL Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line In English
VEB Virtuala Esperanto-Biblioteko In Esperanto Libraries
Artificial languages (linguistics)
VEKI Virtuala Esperanto Kongreso Internacia In Esperanto Congresses
Artificial languages (linguistics)
VHDSL Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line In English
VHDSL Very High-speed Digital Subscriber Line In English Telecommunications
VIP Virtual Instance Port In English Telecommunications
VITE Vienna IT Enterprises In English Telecommunications
VLSM Variable Length Subnet Masking In English
VMTP Versatile Message Transaction Protocol In English
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol In English Telecommunications
VPN Virtual Private Network
= RPV | Réseau Privé Virtuel | In French
= RPV | Red Privada Virtual | In Spanish
= SPN | Skynprivaatnetwerk | In Afrikaans
= VPN | Virtueel Particulier Netwerk | In Dutch
= VPN | Virtuellt Privat Nätverk | In Swedish
In English
VPN Virtueel Particulier Netwerk
= RPV, SPN (look above)
In Dutch
VPN Virtuellt Privat Nätverk
= RPV, SPN (look above)
In Swedish
VSN Video Switching Network In English
W3C World Wide Web Consortium In English Organizations and associations
WACM Web Application Configuration Manager In English Internet
WACT Web Application Component Toolkit In French Software
WAE Wireless Application Environment In English Software
WAE Web Application Extension In English Software
WAFC Web Application Firewall Criteria In English Internet
WAI Web Accessibility Initiative In English Internet
WAM Web Application Manager In English Software
WAM Web Access Management In English Management
WAN Wide Area Network In English
WAP Wireless Access Protocol In English Telecommunications
WASP Wireless Application Service Providing In English Software
WASP Web Analytics Solution Profiler In English Software
WASP Web Application Structure for PHP 5 In English Software
WBAN Wireless Body Area Network In English Internet
WBI Web Browser Intelligence In English Software
WBS Word Based Search (www.wbs.org) In English Internet
WCCP Web Cache Control Protocol In English Internet
WCDMA Wideband Code Division Multiple Access In English Telecommunications
WCM Web Content Management In English Internet
Document processing
Knowledge management
WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing In English Telecommunications
WDP Wireless Datagram Protocol In English
WDVL Web Developer's Virtual Library (www.wdvl.com) In English Software
WebDAV Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning In English Document processing
WECA Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance In English Organizations and associations
WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy In English
WFQ Weighted Fair Queueing In English
WFQ Weighted Fair Queuing In English
WHATWG Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (www.whatwg.org) In English Organizations and associations
WIEU Women's International Electronic University In English Higher education, universities
WIM WAP Identification Module In English Internet
WIM WAP Identity Module In English Internet
WLL Wireless Local Loop In English
WMAN Wireless Metropolitan Area Network In English Telecommunications
WML Wireless Markup Language In English Software
WML Website Meta Language In English Software
WMLS Wireless Markup Language Script In English Computer science
WMS Web Management System In English Software
WOS Web Operating System In English Operating systems
WPAD Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol In English Internet
WPAN Wireless Personal Area Network In English
WPAN Wireless Personal-Area Network In English Telecommunications
WPS Web Positioning System In French
WS-CDL Web Services Choreography Description Language In English Programming languages
WS-I Web Services Interoperability In English Telecommunications
WSCI Web Services Choreography Interface In English
WSCL Web Services Conversation Language In English Programming languages
WSDL Web Service Description Language In English Software
WSDL Web Services Description Language In English Internet
WSFL Web Services Flow Language In English Programming languages
WSMO Web Service Modeling Ontology In English Data
Programming languages
WSN Wireless Sensor Network In English Telecommunications
WSOA Web Services Oriented Architecture In English Software
WSP Wireless Session Protocol In English
WSP Web Standard Project In English Internet
WSRP Web Services for Remote Portlets In English Internet
WSVM Web Site Verification Mechanism In English Internet
WTLS Wireless Transport Layer Security In English
WTP Wireless Transaction Protocol In English
WWW World Wide Web
= TTT | Tut-Tera Teksaĵo | In Esperanto
In English Internet
XBEL XML Bookmark Exchange Language In English Programming languages
XBL Exploits Block List In English Software
Computer infections
XDM XPath Data Model In English Data
XEP XMPP Extension Proposal In English Telecommunications
XFN XHTML (EXtensible HyperText Markup Language) Friends Network In English Programming languages
XHR XMLHttpRequest In English Software
XHTML-MP Extensible Hypertext Markup Language - Mobile Profile In English Telecommunications
XINS XML Interface for Network Services In English
XMPP EXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol In English
XSS Cross-Site Scripting Attack In English
СЦИ Синхронная Цифровая Иерархия
= SDH | Synchronous Digital Hierarchy | In English
= SDH | Synchrone Digitale Hiërarchie | In Dutch
= SDH | Synchrone Digitale Hierarchie | In German
= SDH | Szinkron Digitális Hierarchia | In Hungarian
= SDH | Synkron Digital Hierarki | In Swedish
In Russian
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