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Acronym Sense Language Topics
DWL Domain White List In English Software
DWVS Dynamic Website Verification System In English Software
E@I Esperanto ĉe Interreto In Esperanto Organizations and associations
Artificial languages (linguistics)
eBNIC Extranet du Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac In French Agricultural sciences
Beverage industry
EBS Amazon Elastic Block Store In English Computer hardware
EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud In English Computer science
EC2 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud In English Computer hardware
ECN Explicit Congestion Notification In English Telecommunications
ECS Amazon E-Commerce Service In English Software
EDI Electronic Data Interchange In English Data
EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Trade In English Data
Public administration, government
EDTS Electronic Data Transfer System In English Data
EF Expedited Forwarding In English Telecommunications
EGEE Enabling Grid for E-science in Europe In English
EGI European Grid Initiative In English Telecommunications
EIAA European Interactive Advertising Association (www.eiaa.net) In English Associations
EIN European Informatics Network In English Telecommunications
ENUM Electronic NUmber Mapping In English
EPSS Electronic Proposal Submission System In English
EPSS Experimental Packet Switching System In English Telecommunications
ERISA European Regional Information Society Association In English Associations
ESCEM École Supérieure de Commerce Électronique de la Manouba (www.escem.rnu.tn) In French Specialized or polytechnical colleges
ESEE Europejski System Edukacji Elearningowej In Polish Education
EthAIS Ethernet Alarm Indication Signal In English Telecommunications
EUCALYPTUS Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems In English Computer architecture
FAI Fournisseur d'Accès à Internet In French Internet
FAN File Area Network In English Files
FAST Fast Search & Transfer (www.fastsearch.com) In English Computer-based techniques
FBQ Flow Based Queueing In English
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface In English Internet
FDN French Data Network In English Internet
FF2I Fédération Française de l'Internet Immobilier (www.ff2i.org) In French Organizations and associations
FFYS Frij Fryske Ynternet Skriuwers In Frisian
FING Fondation pour l'Internet Nouvelle Génération In French Internet
FING Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération (www.fing.org) In French Foundations
FOAF Friend of a Friend In English Programming languages
FPS Amazon Flexible Payments Service In English Software
FQ Fair Queueing In English
FSP Fiber Service Platform In English
FTAM File Transfer, Access, and Management In English Software
FTP File Transfer Protocol In English Files
FTTH Fiber To The Home In English Telecommunications
FTW From The Wilderness In English Newspapers, journalism
FURL File Uniform Resource Locators In English Internet
GBS Google Books Search In English Libraries
GCN Ground Communications Network In English Telecommunications
GCN Ground Control Network In English
GE Gigabit Ethernet In English
GEMINI GEstion sur MINitel des Inscriptions In French Telecommunications
GENI Global Environnement for Network Innovations In English
GESTE Groupement des Éditeurs de Services en Ligne (www.geste.fr) In French Associations
Graphic industries, printing, publishing
GFC Gigabit Fiber Channel In English
GFC Google Friends Connect In English Internet
GIOP General Inter-ORB Protocol In English
GMPLS Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching In English Telecommunications
GOLD Gestion Online des Listes de Diffusion In French
GPO Group Policy Object In English Software
GPT Groupe Policy Template In English Software
GRDDL Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages In English Data
GSN Global Sensor Networks (http://gsn.sourceforge.net) In English Software
GTR Génie des Télécommunications et des Réseaux In French Telecommunications
GWT Google Widget Toolkit In English Software
HART Highway Addressable Remote Transducer In English Telecommunications
HIDS Host-based Intrusion Detection System In English Software
HITS Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search In English Internet
Computer-based techniques
HON Health On the Net In English Medicine
HRI Human Rights Internet (www.hri.ca) In English Internet
Human rights
Fundamental rights
HTML HyperText Markup Language In English Programming languages
Document processing
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol In English Internet
HyP3 Hybrid Pluggable Processing Pipeline In English Software
I3C Internet Créatif, Coopératif et Citoyen In French Internet
IA-RWA Impairment Aware Routing and Wavelength Assignment In English Telecommunications
IAF Internet Access Facilities In English Internet
IAN Institutional Area Network In English
IAS Interface d'Authentification Serveur In French Telecommunications
IC Intercomputer Communication In English
IC Intercommunications In English Telecommunications
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (www.icann.org) In English Organizations and associations
ICC Internet Chess Club (www.chessclub.com) In English Organizations and associations
ICC Intercomputer Channel In English
ICC Intercomputer Communication In English
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol In English Internet
ICN Intercomputer Network In English
IComM IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Communications Magazine In English Serial publications, periodicals
ICP Interface Change Proposal In English
ICP Interface Control Panel In English
ICR Interface Compatibility Record In English
ICRA Internet Content Rating Association In English Associations
ICRA Association de Classification du Contenu de l'Internet In French Internet
ICRB Interface Change Review Board In English
ICS Intercommunication System In English Telecommunications
ICS Internet Connection Sharing In English Internet
ICTT Interaction Collaborative, Télé-formation, Télé-activités In French Human-computer interaction
ID Informatique Distribuée In French Software
IDN Internationalized Domain Name In English
IDSNET Integrated Defense Simulator Network In English Military engineering
IDSNET Integrated Defense System Network In English Military affairs
Military engineering
IE Internet Explorer In English Software
IE Internet Explorer In French Software
IEDR Ireland's Domain Registry (www.domainregistry.ie) In English Internet
Republic of Ireland
IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group In English Organizations and associations
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force (www.ietf.org) In English Organizations and associations
IGAAC Internet Guide for Asian American Cybernauts In English Internet
United States
IGCS Internet Guide for China Studies In English Internet
Area studies
IGF Internet Governance Forum In English Organizations and associations
IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol In English Internet
IGP Internal Gateway Protocol In English
IIOP Internet Inter Orb Protocol In English Software
IIOP Internet InterORB Protocol In English
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
= IMAP | Interim Mail Access Protocol | In English
= IMAP | Interactive Message Access Protocol | In English
In English Internet
IMAP Interim Mail Access Protocol
= (look above)
In English Internet
IMAP Interactive Message Access Protocol
= (look above)
In English Internet
IMAP4 Internet Message Access Protocol In English Internet
INA Integrated Network Analyzer In English
INAP Intelligent Network Application Part In English Telecommunications
İNETD İnternet Teknolojileri Derneği (www.inetd.org.tr) In Turkish Associations
INFRAWEBS Intelligent Framework for Generating Open (Adaptable) Development Platforms for Web - Service Enabled Applications In English Software
INGOPCS Initiative pour la Nouvelle Génération OPC-UA Sécurisée In French Computer infections
IP Internet Protocol In English Internet
IPA Internet Privatstiftung Austria In German Foundations
iPAC Internet/Intranet Public Access Catalogue In English Bibliography
IPB Invision Power Board In English
IPEA Internet Positionning European Association In English Associations
IPER Innovation dans les Processus de l'Entreprise par la RFID In English Telecommunications
IPF Internet pour la France In French Organizations and associations
IPIG ILL Protocol Implementers Group In English Organizations and associations
IPM Internet et Pédagogie Médicale In French Internet
IPMB Intelligent Platform Management Bus In English Electronics
IPPS Internet Programming and Promotion Service In English Software
IRAS Internet Review Arno Schmidt In English Serial publications, periodicals
IRC Internet Relay Chat In English Software
IRI Internationalized Resource Identifier In English
IRIS Imaginons un Réseau Internet Solidaire In French Internet
Organizations and associations
IRQ Idle Repeat Request In English
IS-IS Intermediate-System to Intermediate-System In English
ISDP IntelliLight Shared Dual Path In English Telecommunications
ISH Information Superhighway In English Internet
ISIS Intranet Sécurisé Interministériel pour la Synergie gouvernementale In French Central administration
ISM ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) Standards Management In English Telecommunications
ISOC Internet Society In English Internet
Organizations and associations
ISP Internet Service Provider In English Telecommunications
ISPF Internet Service Providers' Forum In English Organizations and associations
ISTAG Information Society Technologies Advisory Group In English Organizations and associations
iTACITUS Intelligent Tourism And Cultural Information Through Ubiquitous Services In English Civilization, culture, progress
ITSC Interregional Telecommunications Standards Committee In English Organizations and associations
İvHP İnternet ve Hukuk Platformu In Turkish Internet
JABS Just Another Blog on Sports In English Sport, physical exercises
JHSN Journal of High Speed Networks In English Serial publications, periodicals
JMRP Junk E-Mail Reporting Program In English Computer programs
LAMP Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP In English Software
LAN Local Area Network In English Telecommunications
LANES LAN (Local Area Network) Extensible Simulator In English
LCIE Loosely Coupled Internet Explorer In English Software
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol In English
LII Librarians' Internet Index (http://lii.org) In English Libraries
LOCARN Low OPEX CAPEX Architecture for Resilient Networks In English Finance
LONS Local On-Line Network System In English
LPIC Ligue de Protection des Internautes Câblés In French Internet
Organizations and associations
LVS Linux Virtual Server In English Operating systems
MAC Media Access Control In English Telecommunications
MANTIS   MultimodAl NeTworks of In-situ Sensors In English Electronics
MARSOUIN Môle Armoricain de Recherche sur la SOciété de l'Information et les Usages d 'Internet (www.marsouin.org) In French Internet
MBS/IP Multi-purpose Business Security over Internet Protocol In English Internet
MCH Memory Controller Hub In English Computer hardware
MDC Mozilla Developer Center In English Software
MEECN Minimum Essential Emergency Communication Network In English Telecommunications
MESCAL Middleware Efficiently SCALable In English Software
METS Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard In English Documentation
MIAM Mathématiques Internet Aix Marseille In French Mathematics
MIAU Multiple Internet Agents for User-adaptive Decision In English Internet
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface In English Human-computer interaction
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions In English Internet
MINC Multilingual Internet Names Consortium In English Internet
MINW Master Interface Network In English Human-computer interaction
MMO Massively Multiplayer Online In English Software
MMT Médecins Maîtres-Toile In French Organizations and associations
MMVK Multi-Mode Virtual Kiosk In English Software
MOOAAL The Mother Of All Acronym Lists In English Encyclopaedias, reference works
MOSS Microsoft Office SharePoint Server In English Knowledge management
MP Message Personnel In French Software
MP Message Privé In French Software
MPLS Multi Protocol Label Switching In English Food technology
MSN Microsoft Network In Dutch Telecommunications
mTLD mobile Top Level Domain In English Telecommunications
MUSIC Multiple Signal Classification In English Telecommunications
MWI Mobile Web Initiative (www.w3.org/Mobile/) In English Internet
NA Network Aspects In English
NAD Network Adapter Device In English Computer hardware
NADIR Network Anomaly Detection and Intrusion Reporter In English Software
NAREGI National Research GRID Initiative (www.naregi.org) In English Software
NAS Network Attached Storage In English Knowledge management
NBMA Nonbroadcast Multiple Access Network In English Telecommunications
NCC Network Control Center In English
NCIU Network Common Interface Unit In English Human-computer interaction
NCM Network Connection Manager In English Software
NCS Network Control Station In English
NDS Network Distribution Service In English
NES Network Encryption System In English Mathematics
NFR Network Flight Recorder In English Software
NFS Network File Server In English Computer hardware
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