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Acronym Sense Language Topics
NIDS Network Intrusion Detection System In English Software
NIDS Network Interface Data System In English Human-computer interaction
NIDS Network-based Intrusion Detection System In English Software
NIP Network Input Processor In English Computer hardware
NIP Network Interface Processor In English Computer hardware
Human-computer interaction
NIU Network Interface Unit In English Human-computer interaction
NJP Network Job Processing In English
NMF Network Management Forum In English Organizations and associations
NNTP Network News Transport Protocol In English
NOM Network Output Multiplexer In English
NOS Network Operating System In English Computer hardware
NREN National Research and Education Network In English Research policy
NRI Networked Readiness Index In English Economic policy
NSI NASA Science Internet In English Internet
United States
NSM Network Security Monitor In English Software
NSP Network Signal Processing In English Computer hardware
NSP Network Signal Processor In English Computer hardware
NSPR Netscape Portable Runtime In English Software
NSS Network Simulation System In English Computer simulation
NTTF Network Test and Training Facility In English Education
NUA Network User Address In English
NVN Netwerk van netwerken In Dutch
OASIS Organisation for the Advancement of Structural Information Standard In English Organizations and associations
OASIS Objets Actifs, Sémantique, Internet et Sécurité In French Software
OCLC Online Computer Library Center In English Libraries
OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing In English Telecommunications
ONT Optical Network Terminal In English Telecommunications
OntoUCP Ontology based Unified Communication Protocol In English Software
OPC OLE for Process Control In English
OPL Open Proxy List In English Software
OPPTIC Organisation de Professionnels pour la Promotion des TIC en région Languedoc-Roussillon In French Organizations and associations
ORB Object Request Broker In English
OSIRIS Observatoire des Systèmes d'Informations, des Réseaux et des Inforoutes au Sénégal (www.osiris.sn) In French Organizations and associations
OSPF Open Shortest Path First In English Internet
ÖWA Österreichische Webanalyse (www.oewa.at) In German Organizations and associations
OWL Web Ontology Language In English Programming languages
OWL-D Ontology Web Language Description Logics In English Programming languages
OWL-S Web Ontology Language for Web Services In English Programming languages
P2P Peer-to-Peer In English
PACLIDO Protocoles et Algorithmes Cryptographiques Légers pour l’Internet Des Objets In French Internet
PAIR Portal to Asian Internet Resources In English Libraries
PANS Personal Area Network System In English
PAPI Point d'Accès Public à Internet In French Internet
PBB Provider Backbone Bridge In English Telecommunications
PBB-TE Provider Backbone Bridge - Traffic Engineering In English Telecommunications
PBBN Provider Backbone Bridge Network In English Telecommunications
PBEB Provider Backbone Edge Bridge In English Telecommunications
PBL Policy Block List In English Software
PBS Portable Batch System In English Software
PBT Provider Backbone Transport In English Telecommunications
PCGI Perl Common Gateway Interface In English Programming languages
PDH Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy In English Telecommunications
PDU Protocol Data Unit In English
PENELOP Protocole Étendu et Normalisé d'Échanges en Ligne pour les Opérations Patrimoniales In French Banks
PET Persona-Enabling Toolkit In English Telecommunications
PHAROS Platform for searcH of Audiovisual Resources across Online Spaces (www.pharos-audiovisual-search.eu) In English Computer-based techniques
PHB Per Hop Behavior In English Telecommunications
PHP Personal Home Page In English Programming languages
PHP PHP Hypertext Preprocessor In English Programming languages
PICS Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement In English Standardization
PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection In English Internet
PIM Portail Intranet Mobile In French Telecommunications
PING Packet Internet Gopher In English Internet
PIP Pew Internet & American Life Project (www.pewinternet.org) In English Internet
PoE Power over Ethernet In English Electrical engineering
POP Post Office Protocol In English
POP Post Office Protocol In French Software
POWDER Protocol for Web Description Resources In English Software
PPP Point-to-Point Protocol In English
PRINCE PRojet d'INfrastructure de Communication d'Entreprise In French Telecommunications
PSCN Program Support Communications Network In English Telecommunications
PSDN Packet Switched Data Network In English
PSWWWVL Pacific Studies WWW Virtual Library In English Internet
Area studies
QES Qwam E-content Server In English Libraries
QIS Qualcomm Internet Services In English Internet
R&T Réseaux & Télécoms In French Telecommunications
R@S Réseau Associatif et Syndical In French
RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial In User Service In English Telecommunications
RAISOM Réseaux de collecte IP Sans Fil Optimisés In French Telecommunications
RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol In English
RDA Remote Data Access In English Data
RDF Resource Description Framework In English Data
RENATER Réseau National de Télécommunication pour la Technologie, l'Enseignement et la Recherche In French Research policy
Engineering, technology
RENIA Red Nicaragüense de Internet Avanzada In Spanish Computer science
RETINA RÉseau TéléInformatique NAtional In French
REWERSE Reasoning on the Web with Rules and Semantics In English Software
Artificial intelligence
REX Remote Events for XML In English Software
RFI Remote File Inquiry In English Files
RIA Rich Internet Application In English Software
RIAP Rural Internet Access Point In English Internet
RIC Reta Informado-Centro In Esperanto Libraries
RICC Remote Intercomputer Communications In English Telecommunications
RIN Réseau Informatique National In French
RIP Routing Information Protocol In English
RJ Registered Jacks In English Telecommunications
RMI Remote Method Invocation In English
RNIA Réseau National Intégré de l'Administration In French Central administration
RNRE Réseau National de Recherche et d'Éducation In French Research policy
RPV Réseau Privé Virtuel
= VPN | Virtual Private Network | In English
= RPV | Red Privada Virtual | In Spanish
= SPN | Skynprivaatnetwerk | In Afrikaans
= VPN | Virtueel Particulier Netwerk | In Dutch
= VPN | Virtuellt Privat Nätverk | In Swedish
In French
RPV Red Privada Virtual
= VPN, SPN (look above)
In Spanish
RSCS Remote Spooling and Communication Subsystem In English Software
RSN Robust Security Network In English Telecommunications
RSS RDF Site Summary In English
RSS Really Simple Syndication In English
RSTP Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol In English Telecommunications
RSU Remote Service Unit In English
RTD Réseau de Transmission des Données In French Data
RTM Réseaux, Télécoms et Multimedia In French Document processing
RTT Round Trip Time In English
RVA Réseaux à Valeur Ajoutée In French
S3 Amazon Simple Storage Service In English Computer hardware
SaaS Software as a Service In English Software
SAINT Security Administrator’s Integrated Network Tool In English Software
SARAH Services distribués Asynchrones pour Réseaux Ad Hoc In French Software
SARAI South Asia Resource Access on the Internet In English Libraries
Area studies
SASL Simple Authentication and Security Layer In English
SAVANT Synchronised and scalable Audio Video content Across NeTworks In English Computer-based techniques
SBL Spamhaus Block List In English Software
SCOM Serveur de COMmunication In French Software
SCS Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées In French Software
SCTP Stream Control Transmission Protocol In English Internet
SCWS Smart Card Web Server In English Internet
SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
= SDH | Synchrone Digitale Hiërarchie | In Dutch
= SDH | Synchrone Digitale Hierarchie | In German
= СЦИ | Синхронная Цифровая Иерархия | In Russian
= SDH | Szinkron Digitális Hierarchia | In Hungarian
= SDH | Synkron Digital Hierarki | In Swedish
In English
SDH Synchrone Digitale Hiërarchie
= СЦИ (look above)
In Dutch
SDH Synchrone Digitale Hierarchie
= СЦИ (look above)
In German
SDH Szinkron Digitális Hierarchia
= СЦИ (look above)
In Hungarian
SDH Synkron Digital Hierarki
= СЦИ (look above)
In Swedish
SDNS Secure Data Network System In English Data
SEMA Search Engine Marketing Association In French Associations
SEMPO Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization In English Organizations and associations
SEO Search Engine Optimization In English Internet
SERPs Search Engine Ranking Pages In English Internet
Computer-based techniques
SES Amazon Simple Email Service In English Software
SET Secure Electronic Transaction In English Telecommunications
SGC Server Gated Cryptography In English Internet
SGE Sun Grid Engine In English Software
SHOE Simple Hypertext Ontology Extensions In English Linguistics
SHOE Simple HTML Ontology Extensions In English Data
SIFR Scalable Inman Flash Replacement In English Software
SIN Support Information Network In English Knowledge management
SIO System Internetowy Olimpiady In Polish Internet
SIOgim System Internetowy Olimpiady Gimnazjalistów In Polish Internet
Computer science
SIP Session Initiation Protocol In English Telecommunications
SIPPEREC Syndicat Intercommunal de la Périphérie de Paris pour l'Électricité et les RÉseaux de Communication In French Municipal administration
Electrical engineering
SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol In English Internet
SMIG Southern Minnesota Internet Group (www.smig.net) In English Organizations and associations
United States
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol In English
SNA System Network Architecture In English
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol In English Internet
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol In English
SONE Synchronous Optical Network In Dutch Telecommunications
SOPE Skyrix Object Publishing Environment (http://sope.opengroupware.org) In English Software
SORBS Spam and Open Relay Blocking System In English Software
SPAN Services and Protocols for Advanced Networks In English Telecommunications
SPARQL SPARQL Protocol And RDF Query Language In English Data
SPDIF Sony-Philips Data Interchange Format In English Telecommunications
SPIP Système de Publication pour l'Internet In French Software
SPN Skynprivaatnetwerk
= RPV, VPN (look above)
In Afrikaans
SPP Serial Port Profile In English Computer hardware
SQS Amazon Simple Queue Service In English Software
SRI Syndicat des Régies Internet (www.sri-france.org) In French Organizations and associations
SRSCC Simulated Remote Station Control Console In English Human-computer interaction
SSH Secure Shell In English
SSI Server Side Includes In English
SSID Service Set Identifier In English
SSL Secure Socket Layer In English
SSL Secure Sockets Layers In English
SSMS SQL Server Management Studio In English Data
SSO Single Sign On In English
STDN Spacecraft Tracking and Data Network In English Data
sTN Stichting Telecom- en internetgebruikers Nederland In Dutch Foundations
SUN Stanford University Network In French Computer science
Computer hardware
United States
SWAD Semantic Web Advanced Development In English Internet
Computer-based techniques
SWD Semantic Web Deployment In English Internet
SWD Solliès Web Design In English Internet
SWL Spamhaus White List In English Software
SWP Single Wire Protocol In English Telecommunications
SWRL Semantic Web Rule Language In English Programming languages
SWSF Semantic Web Science Foundation In English Foundations
Language, linguistics, literature
SWSW Semantic Web Services Week In English Internet
Computer-based techniques
TAVERNS Test And Verification Environment for Remotely Networked Systems In English
TCP Transmission Control Protocol In English Internet
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol In English Internet
TDA Tetrault Design Associates In English Internet
TDM Time Division Multiplexing In English Data
TES Transactions Électroniques Sécurisées In French Electronics
TID Tüm İnternet Derneği (www.tid.org.tr) In Turkish Associations
TID Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo In Spanish Telecommunications
TIPHON Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks In English Telecommunications
TISPAN Telecoms & Internet converged Services & Protocols for Advanced Networks In English Telecommunications
TLD Top Level Domain In English Telecommunications
TLO Top-Level Organization In English Organizations and associations
TLS Transport Layer Security In English
TNS Transaction Network Services (www.tnsi.com) In English Telecommunications
TOS Type Of Service In English
TTCN Tree and Tabular Combined Notation In English Programming languages
TTT Tut-Tera Teksaĵo
= WWW | World Wide Web | In English
In Esperanto Internet
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter In English Data
UCE Unsolicited Commercial Email In English Telecommunications
UDDI Universal Description Discovery and Integration In English Telecommunications
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