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Acronym Sense Language Topics
D Delegito In Esperanto Organizations and associations
D Aszparaginsav
= D | Aspartic Acid | In English
= D | অ্যাস্পার্টিক অ্যাসিড | In Bengali
= D | Kyselina asparagová | In Czech
= D | Asparaginsäure | In German
= D | Ácido aspártico | In Spanish
= D | Asparta acido | In Esperanto
= D | Acide aspartique | In French
= D | 아스파르트산 | In Korean
= D | Asam aspartat | In Indonesian
= D | Acido aspartico | In Italian
= D | Àcid aspàrtic | In Catalan
= D | חומצה אספרטית | In Hebrew
= D | Asparagīnskābe | In Latvian
= D | Asparto rūgštis | In Lithuanian
= D | Asparaginezuur | In Dutch
= D | アスパラギン酸 | In Japanese
= D | Kwas asparaginowy | In Polish
= D | Ácido aspártico | In Portuguese
= D | Аспарагиновая кислота | In Russian
= D | Asparagiinihappo | In Finnish
= D | Asparaginsyra | In Swedish
= D | Aspartat | In Turkish
= D | Аспарагінова кислота | In Ukrainian
In Hungarian Biochemistry, biophysics
D Asparaginezuur
= (look above)
In Dutch Biochemistry, biophysics
D アスパラギン酸
= (look above)
In Japanese Biochemistry, biophysics
D Kwas asparaginowy
= (look above)
In Polish Biochemistry, biophysics
D Ácido aspártico
= (look above)
In Portuguese Biochemistry, biophysics
D Аспарагиновая кислота
= (look above)
In Russian Biochemistry, biophysics
D Asparagiinihappo
= (look above)
In Finnish Biochemistry, biophysics
D Asparaginsyra
= (look above)
In Swedish Biochemistry, biophysics
D Aspartat
= (look above)
In Turkish Biochemistry, biophysics
D Аспарагінова кислота
= (look above)
In Ukrainian Biochemistry, biophysics
D 天冬氨酸 In Chinese
D Asparto rūgštis
= (look above)
In Lithuanian Biochemistry, biophysics
D Asparagīnskābe
= (look above)
In Latvian Biochemistry, biophysics
D חומצה אספרטית
= (look above)
In Hebrew Biochemistry, biophysics
D Aspartic Acid
= (look above)
In English Biochemistry, biophysics
D অ্যাস্পার্টিক অ্যাসিড
= (look above)
In Bengali Biochemistry, biophysics
D Kyselina asparagová
= (look above)
In Czech Biochemistry, biophysics
D Asparaginsäure
= (look above)
In German Biochemistry, biophysics
D Ácido aspártico
= (look above)
In Spanish Biochemistry, biophysics
D Asparta acido
= (look above)
In Esperanto Biochemistry, biophysics
D Acide aspartique
= (look above)
In French Biochemistry, biophysics
D 아스파르트산
= (look above)
In Korean Biochemistry, biophysics
D Asam aspartat
= (look above)
In Indonesian Biochemistry, biophysics
D Acido aspartico
= (look above)
In Italian Biochemistry, biophysics
D Àcid aspàrtic
= (look above)
In Catalan Biochemistry, biophysics
D2C Défense Deuxième Chance In French Education
DA Dévidoir Automobile In French 62892
DA Demande d'Achat In French Maintenance and logistics
DA Table of Distribution and Allowances In English
DA Drogisten Associatie In Dutch
DA Douleur Abdominale In French Pathology
DA Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening (www.da.dk) In Danish Organizations and associations
Labour, labour economics
DAA Designated Approval Authority In English
DAA Diplôme d'Agronomie Approfondie In French Specialized or (poly)technical colleges
Agricultural sciences
DAA Délégation Achats et Approvisionnements In French Maintenance and logistics
DAAT Distributed Architecture Analysis Tool In English
DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting In English Telecommunications
DAB Docking And Berthing In English
DAB Defense Acquisition Board In English Military affairs
DABM Defense Against Ballistic Missiles In English Military affairs
Military engineering
DABS Discrete Address Beacon System In English
DAC Détachement d'Appui Chirurgical In French Traumatology
DAC Development Assistance Committee (www.oecd.org/dac/) In English International economic cooperation
DAC Demande d'Autorisation de Création In French
DAC Directeur Adjoint de Centre In French Management
DAC Derde Arbeidscircuit In Dutch Labour, labour economics
DAC Direction de l'Approvisionnement en Communications In French
DAC Demokratik Alman Cumhuriyeti
= GDR | Germana Demokratia Respubliko | In Esperanto
= RDA | Republik Demokratel Alamagn | In Breton
= RDA | República Democrática Alemana | In Spanish
= RDA | République Démocratique Allemande | In French
= DDR | Deutsche Demokratische Republik | In German
= DDR | Duitse Demokratiese Republiek | In Afrikaans
= NDR | Njemačka Demokratska Republika | In Bosnian
= RDA | República Democràtica Alemanya | In Catalan
= NDR | Německá demokratická republika | In Czech
= ГДР | Германи Демократиллĕ Республики | In Chuvash
= ΛΔΓ | Λαϊκή Δημοκρατία της Γερμανίας | In Greek
= GDR | German Democratic Republic | In English
= AED | Alemaniar Errepublika Demokratikoa | In Basque
= NDK | Német Demokratikus Köztársaság | In Hungarian
= RDT | Repubblica Democratica Tedesca | In Italian
= DDR | Duitse Democratische Republiek | In Dutch
= RDG | Republica Democrată Germană | In Romanian
In Turkish Geography
DAC Digital-To-Analog Converter In English Computer science
DAC Days After Contract In English Contract law
DAC Data Acquisition Camera In English
DAC Data Acquisition and Control In English
DAC Delayed Action Command In English
DACB Data Acquisition Control Buffer In English
DACBU Digital Acquisition and Control Buffer Unit In English
DACBU Data Acquisition and Control Buffer Unit In English
DACCS Department of Army Command and Control System In English Military affairs
DACO Détachement Avancé de Coordination Opérationnelle In French Management
DACP Derby Association of Community Partners In English Associations
DACP Dynamic Assured Career Progression In English Personnel management
DACP Défense des Artisans et Commerçants du Périgord In English Organizations and associations
DACP Defence Acquisition Change Programme In English Military affairs
DACP Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention In English Specialized or (poly)technical colleges
DACP Day-Ahead Commitment Process In English Energy economics
DACP Digital Audio Control Protocol In English Computer science
DACP Diazocyclopentadiene In English Biochemistry, biophysics
DACP De l'Autre Côté du Périph' (www.dacp.fr) In French Cinema, movies
DACP Data Acquisition, Control, and Processing In English Data
Data processing
DACP Data Acquisition (and) Control Processor In English Data
Data processing
DACS Data Acquisition and Control Subsystem In English
DACS Data Acquisition and Control System In English Data
DACS Digital Acquisition and Control System In English
DACT Dimitri Andreadis Computer-Technik In German Computer science
DACT Disposable Absorption Collection Trunk In English
DAD Data Acquisition and Distribution In English Data
DAD Due At Department In English
DAD Détecteur Autonome Déclencheur In French Electrical engineering
DADE Data Acquisition and Documentation Equipment In English Knowledge management
DADS Dual Air Density Satellite In English Spaceflight engineering, astronautics
DADS Déclaration Annuelle de Données Sociales In French Statistics
Labour, labour economics
DADS-U Déclaration Automatisée des Données Sociales Unifiée In French Labour, labour economics
DADVSI Droit d'Auteur et Droits Voisins dans la Société de l'Information In French Artistic property
DAE Data Acquisition Equipment In English Data
DAE Défibrillateur Automatisé Externe In French Cardiology
DAECL Délégation pour l'Action Extérieure des Collectivités Locales In French Municipal administration
DAEI Direction des Affaires Économiques Internationales In French International relations
DAEI Direction des Affaires Économiques et Internationales In French Central administration
International relations
DAEMON Disk And Execution MONitor In English Software
DAET Délégué Académique aux Enseignements Techniques In French Education
Applied sciences, technology
DAEU Diplôme d'Accès aux Études Universitaires In French Higher education, universities
DAF Data Analysis Facility In English Data
DAF Department of the Air Force In English 358
United States
DAF Division des Affaires Financières In French Finance
DAF Direction des Affaires Financières In French Finance
DAFCO Délégué Académique à la Formation Continue In French Education
Labour, labour economics
DAFCO Délégation Académique à la Formation COntinue In French Labour, labour economics
DAFPIC Délégué Académique à la Formation Professionnelle Initiale et Continue In French Education
Labour, labour economics
DAFR Direction de l'Administration et du Financement de la Recherche In French Research policy
Central administration
DAFS Direct Access File System In English Computer science
DAFT Data Acquisition Frequency Table In English Data
DAFZA Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority In English 33972
DAG Dordtee Adviesraadvoor het Gehandicaptenbeleid In Dutch
DAG Deutsche Angestellten Gewerkschaft In German Organizations and associations
Labour, labour economics
DAG Direction de l'Administration Générale In French Central administration
DAG Diplôme d'Agronomie Générale In French Specialized or (poly)technical colleges
Agricultural sciences
DAG Directed Acyclic Graph In English
DAGE Direction de l'Administration Générale et de l'Équipement In French Central administration
DAGIC Direction des Affaires Générales, Internationales et de Coopération In French International relations
Public administration, government
DAGM Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Mustererkennung (www.dagm.de) In German Associations
Computer-based techniques
DAGPB Direction de l'Administration Générale, du Personnel et du Budget In French Central administration
Labour, labour economics
DAGV Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Genealogischer Verbände (http://dagv.genealogy.net) In German Associations
DAH Département des Affaires Humanitaires (des Nations Unies)
= DAH | Departamento de Asuntos Humanitarios (de las Naciones Unidas) | In Spanish
= DHA | United Nations Department (of Humanitarian Affairs) | In English
In French United Nations
DAH Departamento de Asuntos Humanitarios (de las Naciones Unidas)
= DHA (look above)
In Spanish United Nations
DAHW Deutsche Lepra- und Tuberkulosehilfe (www.dahw.de) In German Organizations and associations
Infectious diseases
DAHW Deutsches Aussätzigen-Hilfswerk (www.dahw.de) In German Organizations and associations
DAI Death from Accidental Injury In English
DAI Director of Army Instruction In English Military affairs
DAI Détection Automatique d'Incident In French Image processing
Transport and postal services
DAI Deferred Acceptance Item In English
DAII Direction des Affaires Industrielles et Internationales In French Economics
DAIS Data Avionics Information System In English Data
Aeronautics, aircraft
DAISY Dynamisches Auskunfts- und Informationssystem In German Data
DAJ Département des Affaires juridiques In French Law, jurisprudence
DAL Données Administratives Longitudinales In French Statistics
Public administration, government
DAL Dévidoir Automatique Léger In French 62892
DAL Droit au Logement In French Organizations and associations
DAL Data-Aided Loop In English
DAL Data Acquisition List In English Data
DALI Digits, Architectures et Logiciels Informatiques In French Software
DALKIA Dialogue, Accompagnement, Loyauté, Know-how, Indépendance, Avenir In French
DALTO De Aanval Leidt Tot Overwinning In Dutch Organizations and associations
Sport, physical exercises
DAM Digital Asset Management In English Document processing
Knowledge management
DAM Direction des Applications Militaires In French Military engineering
DAM Draft Amendment In English
DAM Double-Aluminized Mylar In English Chemical technology
DAMA Data Management Association (www.dama.org) In English Associations
Knowledge management
DAMA Demand Assigned Multiple Access In English Telecommunications
Spaceflight engineering, astronautics
DAMÉE-NAB Data Assimilation and Model Evaluation Experiments - North Atlantic Basin In English Meteorology, climatology
Marine research, oceanography
DAMHo Détachement d'Appui Médical et d'Hospitalisation In French Traumatology
DAML DARPA Agent Markup Language In English Programming languages
DAMMPS Damping And Metal Matrix For Precision Structure In English
DANASAT Direct-Ascent Nuclear ASAT In English Nuclear technology
DANCE Département Appui à la Négociation pour la Commercialisation de l'Électricité In French Trade
Energy economics
DANTE Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe In English Networks, communication
DANTES Defense Activity for Nontraditional Educational Support In English Education
DAO Dessin Assisté par Ordinateur In French Drawing and applied arts
Computer-based techniques
DAO Defense Accounting Office In English Accounting
Military affairs
DAOAR Dominion Astrophysical Observatory Annual Report In English Serial publications, periodicals
DAOJ Directory of Open Access Journals In English Libraries
Serial publications, periodicals
Networks, communication
DAP Dévidoir Automobile Prémélangeur In French 62892
DAP Dotations aux Amortissements et Provisions In French Accounting
DAP Décentralisation des Actions de Prévention In French
DAP Décodage Acoustico-Phonétique In French Computer-based techniques
DAP Directory Access Protocol In English
DAP Digital Autopilot In English
DAP Descent Analysis Program In English Computer programs
Aeronautics, aircraft
Spaceflight engineering, astronautics
DAP Data Acquisition Plan In English
DAPA Direction de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine In French Central administration
Civilization, culture, progress
DAPI Délégation d'Autorisation de Programme Individualisée In French
DAPN Direction de l'Administration de la Police Nationale In French Police
Central administration
DAPO Direction des Approvisionnements de la Poste In French Transport and postal services
DAPO Desarrollo de los Aspectos Personales para la Ocupación In Spanish
DAPS Decommutation And Processing System In English
DAR Data-Aided Receiver In English
DAR Defense Acquisition Regulation In English Military affairs
DAR Deviation Approval Request In English
DAR Digital Autopilot Requirement In English
DAR Drawing Analysis Record In English
DAR Délégation à l'Action Régionale In French Central administration
DARA Deutsche Agentur für Raumfahrtangelegenheiten In German Organizations and associations
Spaceflight engineering, astronautics
DARC Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club In German Organizations and associations
DARE Digital Academic Repositories In English Libraries
DARE Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (www.dare-network.eu) In English Democracy
Human rights
DARES Direction de l'Animation, de la Recherche, des Études et des Statistiques In French Social sciences
Public administration, government
DARIC Délégué Académique aux Relations Internationales et à la Coopération In French Education
International relations
DARIUS Dispositif d'Accès aux Ressources d'Informations dU SIRH In French Software
Personnel management
DARM Danish Association for Research Managers and Administrators In English Associations
Research policy
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency In English Military affairs
DARS Degree Audit Reporting System In English Education
DART Director And Response Tester In English
DARTS Digital Automated Radar Tracking System In English
DAS Domaine d'Activités Stratégiques In French
DAS Déclaration Annuelle des Salaires In French Labour, labour economics
DAS Digital Avionics System In English Computer-based techniques
Aeronautics, aircraft
DAS Digital Address System In English
DAS Design, Analysis, and Simulation In English
DAS Data Automation System In English
DAS Data Analysis Station In English
DAS Data Acquisition System In English
DASA Dual Aerospace Servoamplifier In English Aeronautics, aircraft
Spaceflight engineering, astronautics
DASD Direct-Access Storage Device In English
DASES Direction de l'Action sociale, de l'Enfance et de la Santé In French Public administration, government
Social welfare
DASNY Dormitory Authority for State of New York In English Municipal administration
United States
DASS Direction de l'Action Sanitaire et Sociale In French Public administration, government
Social welfare
DAT Direct-Ascent Threat In English
DAT Domaine d'Activités Transversales In French
DAT Déclaration d'Achèvement des Travaux In French Civil engineering
DAT Direction des Armements Terrestres In French Public administration, government
Military engineering
DAT Delta Air Transport In English Transport and postal services
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