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Acronym Sense Language Topics
E Elastic Modulus In English
E Elevation Angle In English
E Glutamic Acid
= E | গ্লুটামিক অ্যাসিড | In Bengali
= E | Àcid glutàmic | In Catalan
= E | Kyselina glutamová | In Czech
= E | Glutaminsäure | In German
= E | Ácido glutámico | In Spanish
= E | Glutama acido | In Esperanto
= E | Acide glutamique | In French
= E | 글루탐산 | In Korean
= E | Asam glutamat | In Indonesian
= E | Acido glutammico | In Italian
= E | חומצה גלוטמית | In Hebrew
= E | Glutamīnskābe | In Latvian
= E | Glutamo rūgštis | In Lithuanian
= E | Glutaminezuur | In Dutch
= E | Глутаминовая кислота | In Russian
= E | Glutamiinihappo | In Finnish
= E | Glutaminsyra | In Swedish
= E | กลูตาเมต | In Thai
= E | Глутамінова кислота | In Ukrainian
= E | 穀氨酸 | In Chinese
In English Biochemistry, biophysics
E গ্লুটামিক অ্যাসিড
= (look above)
In Bengali Biochemistry, biophysics
E Àcid glutàmic
= (look above)
In Catalan Biochemistry, biophysics
E Kyselina glutamová
= (look above)
In Czech Biochemistry, biophysics
E Glutaminsäure
= (look above)
In German Biochemistry, biophysics
E Ácido glutámico
= (look above)
In Spanish Biochemistry, biophysics
E Glutama acido
= (look above)
In Esperanto Biochemistry, biophysics
E Acide glutamique
= (look above)
In French Biochemistry, biophysics
E 글루탐산
= (look above)
In Korean Biochemistry, biophysics
E Asam glutamat
= (look above)
In Indonesian Biochemistry, biophysics
E Acido glutammico
= (look above)
In Italian Biochemistry, biophysics
E חומצה גלוטמית
= (look above)
In Hebrew Biochemistry, biophysics
E Glutamīnskābe
= (look above)
In Latvian Biochemistry, biophysics
E Glutamo rūgštis
= (look above)
In Lithuanian Biochemistry, biophysics
E Glutaminezuur
= (look above)
In Dutch Biochemistry, biophysics
E グルタミン酸 In Japanese
E Kwas glutaminowy In Polish
E Ácido glutâmico In Portuguese
E Глутаминовая кислота
= (look above)
In Russian Biochemistry, biophysics
E Glutamiinihappo
= (look above)
In Finnish Biochemistry, biophysics
E Glutaminsyra
= (look above)
In Swedish Biochemistry, biophysics
E กลูตาเมต
= (look above)
In Thai Biochemistry, biophysics
E Глутамінова кислота
= (look above)
In Ukrainian Biochemistry, biophysics
E 穀氨酸
= (look above)
In Chinese Biochemistry, biophysics
E&D Engineering and Development In English Engineering, technology
E&D Evaluation and Development In English
E&DSG Electro-Optical and Data Systems Group In English Data
Electrical engineering
E&E Elektromashinostroenie i Elektrooborudovanie In Russian Serial publications, periodicals
Mechanical engineering
E&I Engineering and Installation In English Engineering, technology
E&M Elektrotechnik und Maschinenbau In German Serial publications, periodicals
Electrical engineering
Mechanical engineering
E&M Electrical and Mechanical In English Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering
E&O Engineering and Operations In English Engineering, technology
E&PSL Earth and Planetary Science Letters In English Serial publications, periodicals
Earth sciences
E&S Earth and Space In English Serial publications, periodicals
Solar system
E-Core European Construction Research Network In English Organizations and associations
E-FLT Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching In English Education
E-MEDINE-MD Euro-MEditerranean Digital-libraries INtelligent E-learning via Mobile Device In English Libraries
E-MuniS Electronic Municipal Information Services In English Municipal administration
e-RRA e-Rapid Report Application (www.rapidreport.fr) In English Computer science
Knowledge management
E2A EnergieEffizienzAgentur Rhein-Neckar-Dreick In German Energy economics
E3A ENSAM, ESTP, ÉCRIN, Archimède In French Specialized or polytechnical colleges
Engineering, technology
E3PGC Équipe Expertise et Environnement des Pupitres de Commandes Groupées In French Energy economics
Electrical engineering
E4A ENSAIS, ENSAM, ESTP, ÉCRIN, Archimède In French Specialized or polytechnical colleges
Engineering, technology
E@I Esperanto ĉe Interreto In Esperanto Organizations and associations
Networks, communication
Artificial languages (linguistics)
EA European Cooperation for Accreditation In English International relations
EA Équipe d'Accueil In French Research policy
EA Eusko Alkartasuna In Basque Political parties and movements
EA Entreprise Adaptée In French Labour, labour economics
EA Electronics Assembly In English Electronics
EA Elevation Angle In English
EA Écart d'acquisition In French Accounting
EA Economic Analysis In English Economics
EA Emploi Autonome In French Labour, labour economics
EAA Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics In English Encyclopaedias, reference works
EAA Electricidad Águila de Altamira In Spanish Electrical engineering
EAA European Aluminium Association (www.eaa.net) In English Associations
EAAB European Accreditation Advisory Board In English Organizations and associations
Quality management
EAACI European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (http://eaaci.net) In English Academies
Immunology and allergy
EAB Esperanto Association of Britain (http://https://esperanto.org.uk)
= EAB | Esperanto-Asocio de Britio | In Esperanto
In English Associations
Artificial languages (linguistics)
United Kingdom
EAB Esperanto-Asocio de Britio (http://https://esperanto.org.uk)
= (look above)
In Esperanto Associations
Artificial languages (linguistics)
United Kingdom
EABCT European Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies In English Associations
EAC Euro-Asia Centre In English Area studies
EAC East Asia Council In English Organizations and associations
EAC European Accreditation of Certification In English Quality management
EAC East African Community (www.eac.int)
= CAO | Comunidad Africana Oriental | In Spanish
= CAE | Comunidad de África del Este | In Spanish
In English International relations
EAC Early Analysis Capability In English
EAC Employee Action Circle In English
EAC Energy-Absorbing Capacity In English
EAC Estimate At Completion In English
EAC Experiment Apparatus Container In English
EAC Experimental Apparatus Canister In English
EAC European Aminocarboxylates Committee In English Organizations and associations
Pharmacology, toxicology
EAC Emergency Action Console In English Computer hardware
EAC Essais À Chaud In French Nuclear technology
EACD European Academy of Childhood Disability (www.eacd.org) In English Academies
EACE European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics (www.eace.info) In English Associations
Human-computer interaction
EACE European Association for Cognitive Ergonomics (www.eace.info) In English Associations
Human-computer interaction
EACE Early Analysis Capability Enhanced In English
EACEM European Association of Consumer Electronics Manufacturers In English Associations
EACH European Alzheimer Clearing House In English Neurology
EACL European Association of Chinese Linguistics In English Associations
EACS European Association of Chinese Studies In English Associations
Language, linguistics, literature
EACSO East African Common Services Organisation In English International relations
EAD École d'Administration et Direction des affaires In French Specialized or polytechnical colleges
EAD Encoded Archival Description In English Libraries
EAD Electrically Alterable Device In English
EAD Enseignement À Distance In French Education
EADI Electronic Attitude Director Indicator In English Astronautics
EADO European Association of Dermato-Oncology (www.eado.org) In English Associations
EADS Engineering Analysis and Data Systems In English
EADT Experiment Agency Data Tape In English
EADTU European Association of Distance Teaching Universities In English Associations
Higher education, universities
EAE Engelliler Araştırma Enstitüsü In Turkish
EAE Eusko Abertzale Ekintza (www.eae-anv.org)
= ANV | Acción Nacionalista Vasca | In Spanish
In Basque Political parties and movements
EAEA East Asian Economic Association In English Associations
EAEHL Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land In English Encyclopaedias, reference works
EaEvS Earth and Evolution Sciences In English Serial publications, periodicals
Earth sciences
EAF Esperanto-Asocio de Finnlando (www.esperanto.fi) In Esperanto Associations
Artificial languages (linguistics)
EAF Engineering Analysis Facility In English Engineering, technology
EAF Engineering Analysis Function In English Engineering, technology
EAFA European Aluminium Foil Association In English Associations
EAFB Edwards Air Force Base (www.edwards.af.mil) In English 358
United States
EAFB Eglin Air Force Base In English 358
United States
EAFB Ellington Air Force Base (www.eglin.af.mil) In English 358
United States
EAFPS European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery In German Academies
Plastic surgery
EAFRD European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
= FEADER | Fonds Européen Agricol pour le Développement Rural | In French
= FEADER | Fondo Europeo Agrícola de Desarrollo Rural | In Spanish
= ELFUL | Europæiske Landbrugsfond for Udvikling af Landdistrikterne | In Danish
= ELER | Europäischer Landwirtschaftsfonds für die Entwicklung des ländlichen Raums | In German
= ΕΓΤΑΑ | Ευρωπαϊκό Γεωργικό Ταμείο Αγροτικής Ανάπτυξης | In Greek
= FEASR | Fondo Europeo Agricolo per lo Sviluppo Rurale | In Italian
= ELFPO | Europees Landbouwfonds voor Plattelandsontwikkeling | In Dutch
= FEADER | Fundo Europeu Agrícola de Desenvolvimento Rural | In Portuguese
= EJFLU | Europeiska jordbruksfonden för landsbygdsutveckling | In Swedish
In English Agricultural sciences
EAFTerm East Asia Forum on Terminology In English Organizations and associations
Language, linguistics, literature
EAGFL Europäischer Ausrichtungs- und Garantiefonds für Landwirtschaft
= FEOGA | Fonds Européen d'Orientation et de Garantie Agricole | In French
= FEAOG | Fondo Europeo Agricolo di Orientamento e di Garanzia | In Italian
= EAGGF | European Agriculture Guidance and Guarantee Funds | In English
= EFOiGR | Europejski Fundusz Orientacji i Gwarancji Rolnej | In Polish
= EUGFJ | Europeiska utvecklings- och garantifonden för jordbruket | In Swedish
In German International relations
European Union
Agricultural sciences
EAGGF European Agriculture Guidance and Guarantee Funds
In English International relations
European Union
Agricultural sciences
EAGLES European Action on Global Life Sciences In English Biological sciences
European Union
EAH (International Journal of) East Asian History In English Serial publications, periodicals
EAI East Asia(n) Institute In English Area studies
EAI Enterprise Application Integration In English Software
EAI Electronics Associates, Incorporated (www.electronicassociates.us) In English Electronics
United States
EAI Échange Afrique INSA (www.echangeafriqueinsa.org) In French Organizations and associations
EAI École d'Application de l'Infanterie In French Specialized or polytechnical colleges
Military affairs
EAIE European Association for International Education In English Associations
EAJ Eusko Alderdi Jeltzalea In Basque Political parties and movements
EAJ Euzko Alderdi Jeltzalea (www.eaj-pnv.eu)
= PNV | Partido Nacionalista Vasco | In Spanish
In Basque Political parties and movements
EAJ Experimentele Arbeidsplaatsen voor Jeugdigen In Dutch Labour, labour economics
EAJRS European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists In English Associations
Language, linguistics, literature
EAJS European Association for Japanese Studies In English Associations
Language, linguistics, literature
EAJS European Association for Jewish Studies In English Associations
EAL Encyclopedia of Arabic Literature In English Encyclopaedias, reference works
EAL European Accreditation of Laboratories In English Quality management
Research institutes
EAL Equipment Airlock In English
EAL Emergency Action Level In English
EALA European Air Law Association In English Associations
Law, jurisprudence
Aeronautics, aircraft
EALC East Asian Languages and Civilizations In English Language, linguistics, literature
EALRGA East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia In English Libraries
Organizations and associations
EAM Electrical Accounting Machine In English Electrical engineering
EAM Emergency Action Message In English
EAMSA Euro-Asia Management Studies Association In English Associations
EAMT European Association for Machine Translation In English Associations
Computer-based techniques
EAN European Article Number In English
EANA Energia Atomikoaren Nazioarteko Agentzia (www.iaea.org)
= IAAE | Internacia Agentejo pri Atom-Energio | In Esperanto
= IAEA | International Atomic Energy Agency | In English
= AIEA | Agence Internationale de l'Énergie Atomique | In French
= AIEA | Agenţia Internaţională pentru Energie Atomică | In Romanian
= МААЕ | Международна агенция за атомна енергия | In Bulgarian
= AIEA | Agència Internacional de l'Energia Atòmica | In Catalan
= MAAE | Mezinárodní agentura pro atomovou energii | In Czech
= IAEA | Det Internationale Atomenergiagentur | In Danish
= IAEO | Internationale Atomenergieorganisation | In German
= OIEA | Organismo Internacional de Energía Atómica | In Spanish
= סבא"א | הסוכנות הבינלאומית לאנרגיה אטומית | In Hebrew
= IAEA | International Atomenergie Agence | In Letzeburgesh
= AIEA | Agenzia Internazionale per l'Energia Atomica | In Italian
= IAEA | अंतर्राष्ट्रीय परमाणु ऊर्जा अधिकरण | In Hindi
= MAAE | Меѓународна агенција за атомска енергија | In Macedonian
= МАГАТЭ | Международное агентство по атомной энергии | In Russian
= AIEA | Agência Internacional de Energia Atómica | In Portuguese
= MAEA | Międzynarodowa Agencja Energii Atomowej | In Polish
= МАГАТЕ | Міжнародне агентство з атомної енергії | In Ukrainian
= UAEA | Uluslararası Atom Enerji Ajansı | In Turkish
= IAEA | สำนักงานพลังงานปรมาณูระหว่างประเทศ | In Thai
In Basque International relations
Energy economics
Nuclear technology
EAO Enseignement Assisté par Ordinateur In French Education
Computer-based techniques
EAP European Association for Psychotherapy In English Associations
EAP Employee Assistance Program In English Labour, labour economics
EAP Europäisches Patentamt (www.epo.org)
= EPO | European Patent Office | In English
= OEP | Oficina Europea de Patentes | In Spanish
= OEB | Office Européen des Brevets | In French
= EOB | Europees Octrooibureau | In Dutch
= IEP | Instituto Europeu de Patentes | In Portuguese
In German International economic cooperation
Industrial property
EAP Entretien Annuel Personnalisé In French Personnel management
EAP Extensible Authentication Protocol In English Software
EAPB Europos anglių ir plieno bendrija
= EKSF | Europæiske Kul- og Stålfællesskab | In Danish
= ESUO | Evropské společenství uhlí a oceli | In Czech
= EZUČ | Europska zajednica za ugljen i čelik | In Croatian
= CECA | Comunidad Europea del Carbón y del Acero | In Spanish
= CECA | Communauté Européenne du Charbon et de l'Acier | In French
= EGKS | Europese Gemêenschap voo Kooln en Stoal | In Vlaams
= ECSC | European Coal and Steel Community | In English
= ЕОВС | Европейската общност за въглища и стомана | In Bulgarian
= CECA | Comunitat Europea del Carbó i de l'Acer | In Catalan
= EGKS | Europäische Gemeinschaft für Kohle und Stahl | In German
= CECA | Comunidade Europea do Carbón e do Aceiro | In Galician
= CECA | Comunità Europea del Carbone e dell'Acciaio | In Italian
= EWWiS | Europejska Wspólnota Węgla i Stali | In Polish
= CECA | Comunautat Europèa del Carbon e de l'Acièr | In Occitan
= EKSF | Det europeiske kull- og stålfellesskap | In Norwegian
= EGKS | Europese Gemeenschap voor Kolen en Staal | In Dutch
= ESZAK | Európai Szén- és Acélközösség | In Hungarian
= CECA | Comunidade Europeia do Carvão e do Aço | In Portuguese
= CECO | Comunitatea Europeană a Cărbunelui şi Oţelului | In Romanian
= ЕОУС | Европейское объединение угля и стали | In Russian
= ESUO | Európske spoločenstvo pre uhlie a ocel | In Slovak
= EHYT | Euroopan hiili- ja teräsyhteisö | In Finnish
= EKSG | Europeiska kol- och stålgemenskapen | In Swedish
In Lithuanian International relations
International economic cooperation
EAPLV École d'Architecture de Paris-La Villette (www.paris-lavillette.archi.fr) In French Specialized or polytechnical colleges
EAPO Eurasian Patent Organization In English Organizations and associations
Industrial property
ÉAPP Équipe d'Animation Pastorale des Paroisses In French Christianity
ÉAPP Évaluation de l'Aptitude Physique au métier de Policier In French Police
EAPP European Association of Personality Psychology (www.eapp.org) In English Associations
EAPP European Association for Professional Piercing (www.eapp.eu) In English Associations
EAPPI European Association of the Plasma Products Industry In English Associations
Pharmacology, toxicology
EAPSI East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes In English
EAR European Agency of Reconstruction (www.ear.europa.eu) In English European Union
EAR European Arthroplasty Register In English Medicine
EAR Engineering Action Request In English Engineering, technology
EAR Engineering Analysis Report In English Engineering, technology
EAR Environmental Analysis Report In English 5023
EARIE European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (www.earie.org) In English Associations
Industry, industrial policy
EARL Evaluation And Report Language In English
EARMA Educational Accounts Receivable Management Association In English Associations
EAROM Electrically Alterable Read-Only Memory In English Memories
EARS East Asian Research Society In English Organizations and associations
Area studies
EARSS Early Albumin Resuscitation during Septic Shock In English Pharmacology, toxicology
Surgery, orthopaedics, ophthalmology
EARTO European Association of Research and Technology Organisations In English Associations
Research policy
Engineering, technology
EAS Energy Action Scotland (www.eas.org.uk) In English Energy economics
United Kingdom
EAS Engine Actuation System In English Mechanical engineering
EAS Equivalent Airspeed In English Aeronautics, aircraft
EAS Engineering and Applied Sciences In English Applied sciences, technology
EASA Esperanto Asocio de Suda Afriko In Esperanto Associations
Artificial languages (linguistics)
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency In English Organizations and associations
Aeronautics, aircraft
Transport and postal services
EASA Electricidad Argentina SA In Spanish Energy economics
Electrical engineering
EASAS European Association for South Asian Studies In English Associations
Language, linguistics, literature
Geography, biography, history
EASE Electric Automatic Support Equipment In English
EASE Expert Activity Scheduling Environment In English
EASE Enterprise Application Services Extension In English Software
EASES Equestrian Arts and Sciences for Equestrian Sports In English Sport, physical exercises
EASI ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) Project ATM Services and Inter-operability In English Telecommunications
EASL European Association of Sinological Librarians In English Libraries
Language, linguistics, literature
EASPD European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (www.easpd.org) In English Associations
EASSA European Association of South Asian Archaeologists In English Associations
EASSy East African Submarine System In English Marine research, oceanography
EAT Enterale Ambulante Therapie In German Medicine
EAT Environmental Acceptance Test In English Quality management
EATA European Association for Telematic Applications In English Associations
EATCS European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (www.eatcs.org) In English Associations
Computer science
EATE Entreprise Artisanale des Transports par Eau In French Transport and postal services
EATR Extravehicular Assist Teleoperator Robot In English Astronautics
EAU Economic Analytical Unit In English Economics
EAU European Assocation of Urology In French Associations
EAU European Association of Urology In English Associations
EAŬ Esperantista Asocio de Ŭonbulismo In Esperanto Associations
Artificial languages (linguistics)
EAUE European Academy of the Urban Environment (www.eaue.de) In English Academies
Regional planning
EAZ Energie Agentschap Zoetermeer In Dutch Energy economics
EB Europar Batasuna (http://europa.eu)
= EU | European Union | In English
= UE | Union Européenne | In French
= UE | Unió Europea | In Catalan
= UE | Unaniezh Europa | In Breton
= EU | Europäische Union | In German
= UE | Unia Europejska | In Polish
= EU | Europese Unie | In Afrikaans
= UE | Unión Europeya | In Aragonese
= EU | Evropská Unie | In Czech
= ЕС | Европейският съюз | In Bulgarian
= EU | Eùropejskô Ùnijô | In Kashubian
= ΕΕ | Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση | In Greek
= EU | Europæiske Union | In Danish
= UE | Undeb Ewropeaidd | In Welsh
= EU | Eŭropa Unio | In Esperanto
= JU | Jeropeeske Uny | In Frisian
= AE | An tAontas Eorpach | In Irish
= EU | Europska Unija | In Croatian
= UE | Unión Europea | In Spanish
= EU | Euroopan unioni | In Finnish
= EU | Evropska Unija | In Bosnian
= UÛ | Unnion Ûropéenne | In Norman
= ES | Europas Sājonga | In Baltic languages
= UE | Uniaun Europeia | In Tetum
= UE | Unyong Europeo | In Tagalog
= EU | Európai Unió | In Hungarian
= EU | Europeiska unionen | In Swedish
= EU | Europana Uniono | In Ido
= UE | Uni Eropa | In Indonesian
= ESB | Evrópusambandið | In Icelandic
In Basque International relations
European Union
EB Electronic Beam In English
EB Emergency Box In English
EB Equipment Bay In English
EB Expendable Booster In English
EB Evrópubandalagið
= EC | European Community | In English
= CE | Comunidad Europea | In Spanish
= ES | Evropska skupnost | In Slovenian
= CE | Communauté Européenne | In French
= CE | Comunitat Europea | In Catalan
= EG | Europäische Gemeinschaft | In German
= ES | Evropské společenství | In Czech
= GE | Gymuned Ewropeaidd | In Welsh
= EK | Europana Komuneso | In Ido
= CE | Comunità Europea | In Italian
= CE | Comunidade Europea | In Galician
= EG | Europeiska gemenskapen | In Swedish
= EY | Euroopan yhteisö | In Finnish
= CE | Comunitatea Europeană | In Romanian
= CE | Comunidade Europeia | In Portuguese
= WE | Wspólnota Europejska | In Polish
= EG | Europese Gemeenschap | In Dutch
= EB | Europos Bendrija | In Lithuanian
In Icelandic European Union
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